1:18 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary by Maisto hits the Stores and Selling like Hot Cakes

Chevrolet Camaro is an American Muscle car(some call it a Pony Car) that goes head to head with other legendary Muscle car the Ford Mustang! Introduced back in 1967 sharing its underpinnings with Pontiac Firebird with a primary objective to turn Ford Mustang customers into Chevrolet’s showroom. It did good achieving its primary objective those days. Currently in its sixth generation this Camaro has commendable presence in the Pony Car segment. Chevrolet is celebrating 50th Anniversary of Camaro so this special 50th Anniversary Camaro was introduced in special color theme and decal details. For us all diecast collectors, Maisto is bring in this beautiful model in 1:18 and that got my attention, let see what this scale model brings into our plate.

  • Maisto already has the fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro in its 1:18 lineup and we were expecting this 50th Anniversary edition for some time and that time is now.

We know that this Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary is coming this year ever since Maisto showed it off in its 2017 catalog. And we been seeing some pics surfacing from since January this year and then the release happened recently. The model is not that new if you ask me! Because its the same old body, mostly the same old parts but there are few things that makes this 50th Anniversary Camaro special. Starting with the paint job, which is very cool with those orange decal details. The wheels are also new that is really new and few other notable features like the Fifty monogram all over it.

  • As mentioned it in the catalo, this is released in the “Special Edition” line up so watch out for those blue boxes in your favorite diecast retailed or those super market toys section(unfortunately). This Camaro 50th Anniversary is out for some time so you should be able find it in many a diecast vendors around you. And if you want take the online route, this beauty can be yours for €34.95 from CarModel.com or eBay.com for around USD25 plus shipping. I am planning to get hold of this 50th Anniversary Camaro but will wait a little longer for it to hit our Indian retailers. So may eyes are set! Until next time, Ciao.

Source/Pics: www.automobilemag.com, maisto.wordpress.com

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