1:18 scale Pagani Utopia from LCD – Coming Soon

Hobby Expo China 2023 is back and created its usual vibes! The expo attracted lot of scale model makers and LCD is one the biggest exhibitor this year… yeah they have a range of upcoming cars and we love to see them all soon! Taking that top place if none other the exotic Pagani Utopia in 1:18 and 1:64 scale. Yeah you hear us right Pagani Utopia in 1:18 scale. LCD showed off this moulding model in expo and looks very much perfect in terms of detailing and scaling.

The above video shows details of this scale model Pagani Utopia (moulding sample) as displayed in the Hobby Expo China 2023. This showcase in expo gives us confidence that this Pagani Utopia is closer to production and launch could happen as early as this year end. Though the 1:64 looks good, my vote goes to the 1:18 scale even though it may empty our wallets.

Pagani Utopia - Front

Because the gray moulding model don’t give us a idea of what this make look at launch, we added some pics of the real car that may give us collectors some prospect. The front looks super hot and the headlamp elements stands out in this very shade of metallic beige.

Pagani Utopia - Front

The face of this Pagani Utopia shares the familiar look of other Paganis with a touch of modern tech. The massive air dam differentiates this from a other Paganis recently launched but the dual transparent roof line. The rearview mirror is a work of art as is in most other Paganis, lets hope LCD gets this right.

Pagani Utopia - Profile

The profile view of this Pagani Utopia gives me a Ford GT vibes, which is a good thing as Ford GT is a very pretty car on its own! But the wheels is the best and most innovative of this car’s aesthetic in our opinion… no matter most car lovers are talking about! It serves the purpose and looks good at the same time making it stand out feature, hope LCD gets it right so that we collectors can enjoy this masterpiece as well!

Pagani Utopia - Rear

On the rear also the four pod exhaust continues but the circular housing gives it a unique look. The tail lamps are a piece of art too as they look like some silverware when not lit and comes to life when lit! scooping lines to the rear is far more prominent and gives this Utopia a distinct look if viewed from back.

Pagani Utopia - Rear

We love this car and no doubt this is a work of art and were very happy LCD is doing it in 1:18 and also in 1:164 to cater to collectors of those scale, the details as we see it are nice and gets us excited for the release. Though there is no release dates or pricing or colours in which this beauty will be release but we hope this Pagani Utopia will make to our stores before the end of this year. We will keep you posted on these updates about this beautiful Pagani Utopia as and when they show up, so stay tuned. Till next time… Ciao.

Source/Pics: www.reddit.com, www.caranddriver.com, www.bilibili.com

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