2016 Yamaha R1 in 1:12 scale by Newray

Yamaha R1 is the flagship liter class sports bike and a only bike that challenges rider and designers to go overboard! The design is subjective but if you are into bike then you would simple and sleek designs goes a long way if you want extract every bit of juice from the engine. I being a proud owner of two 1:12 Yamaha R1s(one from Maisto and the other from Newray YZF R1 2008) is all charged up for this one from Newray again! The news came in as a surprise as this model is fairly new!!

2016 Yamaha R1 - Blue

Newray has not revealed any prototype pics yet, so to put things into perception I have added few pics of the real bike* Though the color that Newray will make this Yamaha R1 is not disclosed I/we would want Newray to make these sexy color namely… Yamaha Racing Blue, Matt Gray and this beautiful Yellow with some fancy racing decals.

  • 2016 Yamaha R1 - Black

    It is too early to speculate about the price but Newray being one of those diecast maker who don’t update the price card very often. So we could this beautiful 2016 Yamaha R1 in 1:12 at a price that sits on par with other Newray 1:12 diecast bike models! Are we in for this model? Yes of course! I am a big time Yamaha lover… R6 and R1 always tops the list though I have very less Yamahas in my collection that’s purely because of the lack of choice in 1:12 scale bracket! Keeping my fingers crossed for this Yamaha R1 to be released before this year end!

  • 2016 Yamaha R1 - Yellow
  • Newray - Yamaha R1

    A screen grab from Newray’s 2016 Catelogue!

Source/Pics: www.new-ray.com, www.centralfloridapowersports.com

9 thoughts on “2016 Yamaha R1 in 1:12 scale by Newray

  1. Woah !!! Thats great News… Its like one of my thoughts or rather dream taking shape of having this new Gen R1 on the Desk… waiting disparately Now

    1. Hi Gull Tiziano, Thanks for writing… This 1:12 R1 yet to be released! SO you will have to wait a little bit more.

    1. Hey Marc, I am equally excited as you are… But as of now Newray has not revealed any release dates! Cost-wise it should be on par with the current range of 1:12 bikes models!

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