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Audi revealed the second-generation TT on 2006, featuring angular styling, and a “shooting brake” two-door hatchback body style. It is constructed on the Volkswagen Group A5 platform, and uses aluminum and steel combo for the body panels to enhance near-neutral front-to-rear weight distribution. Offered as a 2+2 Coupé, and as a two-seater Roadster is available in front-wheel drive or ‘quattro’ four-wheel drive layout. Compared to the previous generation, this new variant is five inches longer and three inches wider than its predecessor.

Both the models are 1:18 scale and are made by Welly. The soft-top is the senior fellow and always urges me to get the convertible model since day one. So now I have them both and thought we could do a combo review as they both have identical fitments and trim levels. The soft-top was picked from a local store called “Saphire Toys” and the roadster was order online from “Dream Car Models” who does a good job here in India.

I prefer placing my model in ¾ angles in my showcase, as it shows more details of the front and small glimpse of the rear too. Because of the recent model invasion and space crunch I was forced to place model front facing, which indeed got me into trouble, as these guys look identical from front so did some serious reshuffling with my models and got these guys back in ¾ position along with few more. The grey color body of this model is so shiny and proved challenging for photographing inside my photo booth so I delayed the review for my DSLR to come.

Welly is one of the few diecast scale model maker who makes exceptionally detailed value for money models. These models are cool as they are ment to be in an outdoor location and also under spotlights. The front grill with the Audi logo is nice and smartly done with an accurate dimension. The “Quattro” badge is of micro size and is still readable. The headlamp is brilliant and the splitting or day light running LED is awesome to look at and photograph.

The profile of this model shows sleek and sharp lines running from front to rear. The roadster looks more aggressive though the only difference is the plastic soft-top maybe the eye wowing head protection hoops are hidden in the soft-top model. The gaps aren’t an issue with most Welly models so as these Audis. The addition of a small hood mounted radio reception antenna is sleek and gives that extra woomps.

The soft-top model looks sleeker and throws a mature road presence than the roadster version. The flush fitted fuel cap is cool and the fitment is nice. The alloys on these models look mean and the seven-spoke design is much better than the six-spoke design found on the first generation Audi TT. I am kind of disappointed with the disc brake but the that has got nothing to do with the replicator because the original came comes with one in the same pattern.

All Audis have sexy rear-end and TT are exceptionally sexy all round, so this TT’s rear-end is better than the rest of the body? Yes its is indeed gorgeous. Even though a budget brand the rear-end, especially the tail lamp is fantastic. The semi transparent tail lamp unit is super detailed and the squarish reflectors inside are a nice detail. The boot mounted stop light get an average score so as the chrome tipped dual exhaust.

Welly’s model only score an average on the door jobs as they still use a conventional door hinges which pushes the door like in a toy. If Maisto has to learn tail lamp treatment from Welly then Welly should follow Maisto in terms of doors. The chrome plated head protection hoops just became the TT signature is nicely captured in this scale model as well. Even the soft-top version gets this feature hidden inside by the soft-top.

The interior finish is superb, details are nice and the material is noteworthy. The dials are independent so as the inner gauge details. The centre instrument console is angled towards the driver which is a nice detail which you can not see in any of my photographs as its a minute yet most important feature of this TT. The model comes with an automatic transmission so you get a chunky stick.

The seats are no special; all plastic in black matching the interiors shade. The greatest miss out is the seatbelts, though provided is right behind the seats and even after so much (almost breaking the seats fix) effort could not bring them to front. Welly next time do something which actually serves a purpose not for name sake.

Feature wise this model comes with all the bells and whistles, doors open so as the hood and the trunk; the steering turns the wheels. In my soft-top version I have some issue with the hood, which opens up nice and smooth, but when shutting it down it stuck to the door so I have to push it forward to put it in place this very same issue is not experienced in the roadster model, Weird! Isn’t it?

Engine details are exceptional, easily comparable to the older AUTOart model. The engine cover with “V6 3.2” along with the Audi logo is very sharp and almost no smudge is found even in small size. The red tipped spark plug connector; aluminum case and the black cable/connectors are micro details, which get a high-end comparison with AA models. I felt three different shades of black material is used to differentia actual materials.

Before I conclude, I would like to share some insight of photo session. Every time I photograph any object (not just car models) I take one special shot from a creative angle for my satisfaction, here is that shot for you to growl. I cannot resist the attraction this rear tail lamp is pulling.

So what’s the score? Yes it get above an average rating say like “3.5/5” stars keeping in mind this is not a premium model. Welly is definitely giving brand like Maisto, Bburago etc. a run for their money and also inching towards the HotWheels which they will reach even with this model if they fabricate a nicer door hinge and little bit more attention to details.

14 thoughts on “Audi TT Convertiables – Welly

    1. The Soft-top costed Rs.1450/- which I picked off a Toy store here in bangalore and the roadster costed 1499/- and shipping 165/- which I picked off Online…

    1. Maybe the prices are hiked when I ended up buying this beauty… any way good luck on your purchase… Do share with me the collection that you have got.

    2. I have around 40 pieces, with ten being 1:18. The highlight of my collection is the phenomenal Aston Martin Vantage V8 by AA in silver. And I bought two days back the red beauty after reading your review: Porsche Carrerra GT of Maisto. A jewel indeed. And I have AA Toyota MR Spyder, and Norev Cayanne GTS in red straight off the shelf from a Porsche Showroom in Germany. And recently bought the SLS of merc (Maisto), which i was waiting for a long time. And a lots of Audi R8’s different sizes. Welly is far ahead of other guys with respect to details, especially their 1:24 line is pretty top notch. I have Welly’s Audi R8 in both silver and white in 1:24, which are real gems. Only that they dont allow you to turn their front wheels as Maisto does, but who wants to do that :).

    3. Thats such a nice collection you got there! I did managed to get a SLS in Red a week back but its a Minichamps and waiting for a long time to set my hands on a 1:18 R8 (Kyosho in White)

    1. An Audi TT Coupe is missing in my collection, maybe I will try the Audi showroom for that. I guess they should have a minichamps made one.

    1. You can try “Saphire Toy Store” Richmond Street or even Modelart Forum Mall. Now a day there are toy section in multibrand store like Shopperstop, Landmark, Reliance Timeout so give a shot here also.

      Also try Toyopia in Mantri Mall, I got my Autoart Pajero from there…

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