AUTOart 1:18 Jaguar XKR-S – Unboxed

  • Ever since AUTOart unveiled the news about this Jaguar XKR-S in 1:18 scale, I went crazy and also started saving for this diecast scale model. This all started after seeing this big cat in “Jaguar & Land Rover” showroom in Delhi… It was kept on display and I was instantly hypnotized by its swooping lines and bright blue schema! I always wanted this big cat in “French Racing Blue”! But after was a little distracted by the “Italian Racing Red” as it was equally striking as the Blue so I have to make my pick only after seeing them with my own eyes… And finally its the “French Racing Blue” won the beauty contest for this Jaguar XKR-S.

Initially I was planning to import it as no local retailer are showing much interest as the prices for these AUTOart are goin sky high and our money value going down!! But to my surprise I got and update from Modelart (A diecast model car retailer based in Bangalore and Delhi) via email and I was out of this world seeing my favorite Jaguar XKR-S in both French Racing Blue and also Italian Racing Red! As price quoted also matched the international rates I decide that I will buy it from here and the next day I swiped my card and bagged this British Big Cat home.

As this is a part of Performance series model from AUTOart this XKR-S came in a window box which gave me enough access even without taking it out of the box. This box also helped me finalize the color in a giffy. Yes Modelart also had this Jaguar XKR-S in Italian Racing Red too!

  • I kind of hate AUTOart when it comes to unboxing!! That experience is not so different in this Jaguar.. though they keep everything in place but the same fastening stuffs annoys you most of the time. I have to cut fewer stings so that it saves some time as well as effort. You may also end up using more tool in the process, in my case I used a screw driver, a cutting knife and also a scissor. If you are planning to put them back… then prepare to take a day off!
  • As I like this big cat in blue I cannot find any flaws so far!! The model is well made and the paint job just keeps me mesmerized all day long! The other bits and pieces like the carbon fiber front/rear scoop inserts, the brilliant lensing and the deadly shut-lines are some other pros that got my attention immediately. As its my birthday gift I gifted to myself I may take some time to put a full on review… but that I promise you will be good and worth the wait. I am also planning to put a compare with some other model in my collection so if you have any ideas do comment below. Ciao!!

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    1. Hey that’s a great news… Even I kind of locked mine up as I am running out of space in this new house!!!

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