AUTOart is readying 1:18 Scale Diecast Nissan Juke R 2016 in Matt Black, White and Red – Release Soon

Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017 is a busy one for most Diecast makers including the premium diecast car and bike maker AUTOart, who showed off some awesome model that just wowed every single visitor(as usual). There is this Nissan Juke R 2016 in Matt black and white then there is this gorgeous Lexus LC500(both red and the black version were there) and there was this bright blue Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador, which is the brightest car! But one particular 1:18 model that caught my attention is this Nissan Juke R! Yeah that is the same Nissan Juke powered by a GT-R motor and performance parts to keep it glued to the tarmac. Nissan Juke is a compact SUV that is known for its funky styling and sleek performance! And we diecast community loves fast car even in 1:18 in our displays or even in our work desks.

  • 2017 Shizuoka Hobby Show AUTOart Nissan Juke - R

    Nissan GT-R is one very famous in 1:18 diecast scale and almost a must have if you are into performance car collection. So when AUTOart broke the news about the upcoming 1:18 Nissan Juke R 2016 what else we could do but to celebrate. Guess what was on display in this year’s Shizuoka Hobby Show… Yes its the Nissan Juke R pre-production/hand sample. This is not the first time we are seeing this Nissan Juke R! But the first time it is shown to the public. Matt Black and a pale white versions are shown in AUTOart’s display booth, with that white Juke R showing a bit of its interior detailing as its doors are kept wide open.

  • AUTOart Nissan Juke R - Front
  • AUTOart Nissan Juke R - Front
  • This being a Juke R, it comes loaded with over sized air dam, elongated wheel arc, hood also gets air vent and more performance enhancements on the outside. LED day time running lights is also in place completing that package.
  • Though only two colors(i.e. black and white) where showed this year’s Shizuoka Hobby Show, but in real there is a red version also available. I kind of feel that the red and white versions shows off all its carbon fiber details a bit more that the black but by all means the black Juke R is the best color and looks purpose built or a speed demon in small package. The pic that AUTOart have may be hand samples but I see a bit of differences between the white and the red models already! To mention one the b-pillar and the rear door handle looks body colored in red but are totally blackened in white.
  • AUTOart Nissan Juke R - Red
  • AUTOart Nissan Juke R - White
  • AUTOart Nissan Juke R - Profile

    From the side profile, all that keeps us happy is that massive GT-R pattern alloy wheels with low profile tires and the side skirts. The rear of the car is mostly distinguished by those massive two piece rear spoiler and twin exhaust that gives out GT-R heritage both in motion and also when it’s static. The rear skirts also gets carbon fiber finish a aggressive pattern making it sharper and sexy.

    AUTOart Nissan Juke R - Rear

  • AUTOart Nissan Juke R - Rear 3/4
  • This is not a review but I love doing a end to end coverage specially when you have such an awesome car by AUTOart. So sorry if you feel this post gets longer than usual! As far as me the exterior is absolutely ravishing, the interior is a place most manufacturers lose plot but and premium brands like AUTOart shine. Here in the case of this Nissan Juke R only two front doors opens up or its the case with only this sample. But they decide to give only front opening doors then its time that we have to assume that AUTOart is either getting inspiration with low end manufacturers or playing the costing cutting game. The interior details are finished in all black and they look nice. AUTOart have not mentioned any release date or pricing but the it should be competitive and on par with other AUTOart model in 1:18 scale. Till we get more info of this Nissan Juke R we should keep our fingers crossed and start saving for this beautiful Juke R. Till next time Ciao.


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