AUTOart to release 1:18 Wangan Midnight Black Bird Porsche 911(930) Turbo this February

Car guys like me love to any movie that has a bit of cars and related action! Wangan Midnight a famous manga series around late nineties and still one of the best when it comes to street racing and racing life in Japan! I dint have chance to watch the series but movie was great specially the car! This Black Bird(racing tuned Porsche 911) is a series competition to the Nissan Fairlady Z (S30) called “Devil Z”. The chase scenes are all done with flair of mange series and realistic portrayal of the speed. I love European car so taking a pick between these cars is simple! Yes its the Porsche!

  • AUTOart Wangan Midnight Black Bird Porsche 911(930)- Front

    AUTOart models are known for their precious details and accurate scaling! This being a street racing car comes loaded with performance enhancing kits, wide track tyres, oversized air intake etc. Mistaken for a real PorscheAnd those details look so real it could easily be mistaken for a real Porsche 911 if the diecast scale model photographer wants to. From these preproduction sample we can make out that the under skin details like the oversized cooling system on top of the engine are not left untouched!

  • AUTOart Wangan Midnight Black Bird Porsche 911(930)- Front
  • AUTOart Wangan Midnight Black Bird Porsche 911(930)- Profile
  • AUTOart Wangan Midnight Black Bird Porsche 911(930)- Feature/Doors
  • AUTOart Wangan Midnight Black Bird Porsche 911(930)- Rear
  • Unlike some recent releases by AUTOart this Black Bird Porsche is not composite model but a proper diecast scale model! So you are safe!

I understand that this is just a preproduction sample but I cannot comment on the wheels that looks a tart different, though they look nicer but reality factory may get lost because of this, which is purely my feel. Do let me know your comments about the and the model on the whole! The pricing info will only be available by release time that is announced as February and we would expect this to be under 200 USD, which is where the “Millennium” series model falls into. Lets hope this model come in on time wow the Wangan Midnight fan super exicited without burning their pockets! Who I may get one too as it had already started growing on me! Bye!


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