AUTOart’s 1:18 Lexus LC500 Scheduled to Released in Third Quarter of this Year

Lexus got attention when I first saw the Lexus LFA Whitest White but AUTOart! Now AUTOart got me taking again with an other Lexus this time around it’s LC500, which looks far more sexy and every bit Lexus! I love this Lexus in red with those over sized chrome grills and fluidic lines! AUTOart has shared some of these pre-production sample’s photos and they just look wow! Though they are pre-production sample they look very detailed but we all know what AUTOArt are known for, yes super sharp details! So we should get something much much better than what you see here.

  • As per AUTOart, this Lexus LC500 is scheduled to be launched by the third quarter this year! And this LC500 would be released in composite form factor!

There are few collector who absolute hate these composite models by AUTOart, due to the fact that the build quality and feel is not appreciable to the level of a regular Diecast. But I kind of like scale model that intrigued my senses and raises my plus when I see it! I don’t mind weather its a diecast or resin or composite, so this Lexus LC500 may find a place in my display! I may end up buying this beauty because it looks so good in this shade of red and may give it a skip because there are more model that I desire line up for this year!

  • This Lexus LC500 looks really nice! The AUTOart’s fit and finish is top class even in this pre-production sample! Body line is sleek, the front grill look so real I guess that is real mesh, optics are also mind blowing the brown leather interior is super in this red model! The details on the rear end also looks cool so Ala in all this is a winner and will sure find quite a lot of happy collectors! The release dates and the price points are not revealed but going with what we know this Lexus LC500 would be priced competitively my AUTOart! We will keep you posted on any improvements,so do follow us to first hand information. Till next time Ciao.


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