AUTOart’s 1:18 McLaren P1 GTR Coming Soon

AUTOart made some impressive track car in 1:18 scale and excites the collector’s society every time a new models is announced! It is that time of the year to celebrate because AUTOart has just showed off it final pre-production sample of its 1:18 McLaren P1 GTR in yellow and green livery, which is designed to pay homage to it classic F1. This P1 GTR is based on the original 1:18 AUTOart McLaren P1, which already has a crow following.

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Front

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Front

In the real car the the GTR is stripped to reduced but in this scale model it gets lot of new kits. This AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR being a track focused McLaren gets a far more lower stance, which is very obvious if viewed from the front. Those extra aerodynamic fins adds more aggressive stance and the orange tow hook completes the race package. The sealed grills is a little disappointing especially coming from a brand like AUTOart but its not a deal breaker.

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Profile

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Top View

The racing stance of this P1 GTR is enhanced by that massive spoiler and the black alloy wheels with its chrome center cap is really cool. The decals are exceptional and the paint job is top class. The top view shows some more mounting points marked in black is a nice touch.

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Door

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Interior

Most track specific diecast car comes with sealed body even AUTOart’s did the same with its cars in the past. But the case is not the same here and this McLaren comes with opening doors and an extremely detailed interiors. The carbon fiber detailing are nice and works the best for this track focused car.

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Rear

AUTOart McLaren P1 GTR - Rear

The rear is mostly dominated by that massive rear spoiler but AUTOart took that extra step and given us more to talk about. The air dam is sleek and enhances the race feel. The race spec brake lights are done nicely as well. Overall I see a winner in AUTOart’s hand and the collectors will sure enjoy having it in their display. At this point in time there is no details of pricing or the release dates but it should be in soon. Lets wait and see. Till next time Ciao.


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