Bburago 1:18 Bugatti EB110 – Unboxed

  • Bugatti Veyron is a very big name in diecast world because its only made by premium brands! And this EB110 is equally popular in the real life and one of my favorite poster car in my childhoods days.. I always mistake this as a Lamborghini even today by accident… thanks to its lines and profile matching even today’s big bulls. I kind of inclined towards the blue version but this red also is impeccable! I wouldn’t call this as a dream car or anything but a very sexy addition to my collection.
  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Unboxed

    Every time I visit Hamleys, I end up picking one or more diecast not because I need it but because of the inviting ambiance that encourage you swip your card. I usually end getting some discounts or offers from them that drags me back into this place…this its a discount coupon that I intend to use next time.

  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Unboxed
  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti EB110 - Unboxed

Bburago 1:18 Bugatti EB110 - Box

  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Unboxed
  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Unboxed
  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Out of the Box
  • Unboxing a Bburago is the same since my first Lamborghini Reventon to the very recent Lamborghini Huracan… One open the box, two take the Styrofoam enclosure out, three unscrew those two screws and finally cut the additional tights. Though a same experience but always a very good one, because of the simple unboxing procedure and windowed box give us a flexibility of storing in the same box if you want to. Thats a boom for me as I move a lot with my models! This Bburago Bugatti EB110 exhibits Bburago’s robust build and the same is multiplied by the model itself.

Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Unboxed

I kind of feel like an idiot because of the delay in the purchase decision on this Bugatti EB110! This Bburago is nicely build, sports a spring loaded door like in the Lamborghini Diablo but the paint finish is much much better. One bit that I absolutely hate is the chrome finished alloy wheels!! Which is the same in real car also but I hated it even in real car back then.

  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Front View

    This Bugatti E110 created mixed reaction in me… sometimes it seems like a awesome model but the very next second it sounds like a waste because this red though pretty but not that realistic as the Bugatti blue! But one thing I can see for sure is the comparo with the Lamborghini Diablo.

  • Bburago 1:18 Bugatti  EB110 - Rear View

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