Bburago made 1:18 Green Lamborghini Huracan enters xDiecast Garage

I been eyeing this Lamborghini Huracan ever since its announced by Lamborghini, I even broke the good news about Bburago’s plans to launch this Huracan in 1:18 scale some times back.. Ever since I was doing my best to track this baby down and bring it to my xDiecast garage. Though this model was officially launched ages back, it took a good deal of time to reach our shores… Then came a bummer!! Most Lamborghini Huracan models available around are either white or silver… So I have to put an extensive hunt both online and offline!!

  • As most of my hunt parties came back empty handed, I have to explore other modes! Last week I saw this green model here in a good friend Karamvir’s site but unfortunately the availability status was “Out of Stock”! So I wrote to him and He generously added this Huracan (yep green) to the listing and I successfully made him mine!

  • The package is filled with tones of paper fillings to keep the model from moving and also protect the box from scratches. Though bubble wrap and styrofoam would make this package a little less messy after unboxing, but this serves the purpose eco friendly way.

Though the package looks messy… its not a big deal to release this guy! Once I got passed those paper strips both inside and outside the box I am greeted by this Verde Mantis(Aka florescent green) body! As the model is secured by only two screws, it was almost no effort knock this guy off the box.

One other model that I put this much effort is the “Minichamps made Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG” which kind of gracing my collection proudly! As it is kind of raining in here now so I cannot get this beauty(beast actually) out in open to do a better photo shoot. But hold one that is on its way and promise you that I wont disappoint you.

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