Bburago Unleashes 1:18 Scale Bugatti Chiron 42 Edition in Plus Series

Bugatti is a car brand that is known for building super luxurious hyper cars. And it is one of the hot favorites in the diecast collectors as well and the latest Bugatti Chiron that Bburago launched few year back made a lot of budget collector very happy including me (here is my unboxing post)! Bugatti Chiron broke a “0-400-0 KM/H in 42 Seconds” record recently and Bburago jumped in released a Bugatti Chiron 42 Edition in 1:18 scale in the same color scheme as the record car.

1:18 Bburago Bugatti Chiron 42 Series - Front

This Chiron comes in all black with blue highlight all over it. The most prominent aesthetic piece apart from the paint job is the 42 engraved in its front grill reminds of those hyper sporty Caterham car with 7! And here is where Bburago should get a pat in their backs… the painted 42 in the front grill just gives that real look.

1:18 Bburago Bugatti Chiron 42 Series - Front

1:18 Bburago Bugatti Chiron 42 Series - Profile

Apart from the grill this Bugatti gets number 42 on its sides and also a “ZERO – 400 -ZERO” decal in the windshield. The front diffuser also gets a nice blue highlight, which gives that menacing stare up front. The side view is dominated by the distinct blue arc differentiate this from the rest. The alloy wheels also gets a machine finish alloy with blue accent, brake calliper also get the same blue treatment, which is tasteful.

1:18 Bburago Bugatti Chiron 42 Series - Doors

1:18 Bburago Bugatti Chiron 42 Series - Interior

Though the die and casts are all same as the regular Bburago Bugatti Chiron, Bburago did an exceptional job in differientiating this 42 edition from the regular series even on the inside. The interiors also gets blue accent in the steering wheel, upholstery and also some inserts just like the real car.

1:18 Bburago Bugatti Chiron 42 Series - Rear

1:18 Bburago Bugatti Chiron 42 Series - Rear

The rear end is differentiated by giving a all black looks using carbon fiber and matt black exhaust. The license plate gets the real number as the original record holding Bugatti Chiron. As this is made using the same mould as the regular Chiron, the price is also similar at around $50. It is available in Amazon for $50.97. This is indeed a sexy Bugatti and this 42 special edition stands out in the crowd and worth every penny. Till next time… Ciao.


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