Bburago’s 1:18 scale Ferrari Monza SP1 Launching Soon this Year

Bburago recently unveiled its online 2020 Ferrari Catalog and I was excited for one very special car, the Ferrari Monza SP1 in 1:18 scale! Yes this is the same car as per Ferrari “The first in a new concept of limited series ‘Icons’ cars”, which is a new segment of special limited series cars for its clients and collectors. For us Diecast collectors its an other awesome looking Ferrari to grace our displays or desks. And because Bburago is making one it won’t burn a hole in our wallets but works its charm in our collection!

Ferrari Monza SP1 - Front

This Ferrari Monza SP1 was announced in Bburago’s official Facebook page few weeks back and now it is confirmed that it will come 1:18 scale, which is just awesome! As per the catalog, this Ferrari Monza SP1 should come with grey paint job and yellow detailing!

Ferrari Monza SP1 - Profile

This being a concept car (something like it) comes with some crazy styling, super clean line, massive wheels all make it a looker in any display! And because it is not red it will stand out for sure in a sea of red in my Ferrari collection, which is a good thing!

Ferrari Monza SP1 - Rear

With this Monza SP1 bagged, but my mind also wants the SP2, which is a two seater and same fun, but that’s for later, I guess! As of now, Bburago has not revealed any details on pricing or launch dates but we assume it should hit stores by June. We will keep our eyes opened and track every information and keep you posted! Till then… Ciao.


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