Bburago’s Original Series 1:18 Ferrari F40 and Ferrari 250 GTO are Out for Grab Now

We all know that Hotwheels made some really nice 1:18 Ferrari model like the Enzo, 599 and FF to name a few! But do you know that Bburago had the license to make diecast scale models before Mattel(HotWheels) and indeed made some classy Ferrari like the F50, F40 and 250 GTO that are nothing but timeless beauties! So Bburago is paying homage to those legendary model by bring in a new series called “Original Series” that not only takes model that made history for Bburago but also by utilizing the same old tools and moulds to keep up to the name original. Of all those classic beauties announced Ferrari F40 and 250 GTO are my favorites!

Classic car fans would love 250 GTO but Ferrari F40 is a car that gets the fancy of both a classic and modern car lovers. I love to have a Ferrari F40 in my collection for quite some time and seems like time is now. Always wanted a Kyosho F40 but this Bburago looks juicy. Its nothing closer to compete with Kyosho F40 but a worthy competition taking into account its value for money proposition. I have owned some Bburago in the past and the quality is good if you are on a budget and the same is true in this Ferrari F40 as well. The box is something that makes this model look premium and also new.

  • The Ferrari 250 GTO on the other hand is a machine that any classic car lover will go nuts for. Yes it is the same classic car that holds a record for the auction record of $38.1 million and the car that is in most rich and famous’s A-list. But if you want one in your 1:18 garage, it doesn’t gets better than this Bburago. The price is hovering around USD70, which is a steal for such a classic cars that hold value in our display case. Let us know your thought and the experience of owning a classic original from a brand in like Bburago. Ciao.


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