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With the recent aqution Benelli TNT Titanium etching me to photograph and a long awaited Tornato Tre 1130 review were some priorities for this weekend. As both these bike are made by a same diecaster (Maisto) and in an identical scale forms a brilliant spring board do my first comparison test. Lets start with a small lowdown on the bikes, first the TNT – inspired by racing bikes power delivery and the handling and versatility of naked bikes and killer looks to turns heads even on standstill makes it an exotic bike in Benelli’s staple. This Titanium version comes with a 1130cc three cylinder engine which develops 101kw of power, carbon fairings, titanium exhaust system, totally adjustable suspensions, dry clutch, forged wheels etc to keep you engaged all time. On the other hand the Tornado Tre 1130 is a truly aggressive styled motorcycle with features that even inspired others to give it a try. Powered by a more or less similar sized motor but it produces 120kw of power, chassis is capable enough to crave corners and stay ahead on straight line defines its character.

Head on the TNT looks a bit taller and the ride height is a little tall. The TNT’s urban street fighter looks, exposed frame painted in glossy wine red gives it more road presence that the Tornado’s full faired green and silver body. Both the bike have competitive paint finish but me being a hardcore naked bike fan give TNT a better score. Lines and the curves are bit more detailed and sharp in TNT that Tornato. The Tornato has a better disc brake but its TNT’s alloy wheels steal the show.

Both the bikes gets dual head lamps but the placement is different. Tornado Tre get the a vertical headlamp placement and TNT get horizontally placed head lamps. The front indicator are placed in side panels in almost identical area.

The front fender in Tornado looks slicker and slimmer that TNT but the shape is similar in most nodes, they both even have a similar black strip on them. Tire pattern on these bike are similar and Maisto gets a bravo for retaining them. TNT’s hump like fuel tank adds to the additional mass of the bike and oozes more city sleeker looks.

The tail end of TNT is slim and sharp aiding to better aero dynamics, on the other hand Tornado’s aero dynamics are handled by the front faring so the tail is fatter and housed two ducts for air in take. TNT gets under seat exhaust pipe and tail lamps on both the sides of it. Tornado does with a conventional single sided exhaust on the right side with chrome plating.

Though both these bike have different purpose so different body style but have similar technology and high performance to enhance their genetic on road presence.

Longer wheelbase and low slung track bike style is what Tornado depicts so the body is fully covered and aero dynamics is the main target of the design. Dual shade and neat graphics aids the much-needed visual hue.

Naked bike pull more jaws down and burn more rubber in urban tracks. The TNT Titanium’s primal focal point is the gorgeous engine and exposed frame. The frame adds the dash of color to this otherwise boring bike.

The rider gets a compact instrument console where the TNT does with a single analog tachometer and multi functional digital display. Where else the older Tornado has an additional gauge under the tachometer. The TNT sports a short single piece handlebar that is gold plated, but Tornado gets a professional racing clip-on handlebar for more customization.

Like all bike makers Benelli is continuously upgrading its product line and the diecaster and keeping up to the pace of the makers, which is good news for collectors like me.

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    1. Nope, they are ready made 1:12 scale models. I heard the TNT is also available in assembly line from Maisto.

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