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Bentley Continental Supersports was unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in limited numbers. It is the first Bentley capable of running on both gasoline and biofuel. The hits 100kmph in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 329kmph making it the fastest and the most powerful production Bentley ever. It is powered by a 6.0 litre W12 engine, which produces 630hp at 6000rpm and 800nm of torque at 1700-5600rpm.

This Welly made 1:18scale diecast Bentley Continental Supersport is available in two colors gray and this ivory, I picked this because this colors show more details than the grey. I agree that the grey looks awesome but on this scale this steals the show!! Priced at INR.2999/- it is 33% expensive that the other models that I have but its worth every penny. This comes in a conventional package but some special graphics would have made it stand out even when boxed.

The body work and paint finish are nothing short of brilliance! The wide wheel arcs and the sleek lines adds so much attitude and definition to this model.

Though this a budget model the detailing on the hood like the air vent and the front grill are too cool! The wild card here is the logo details that is fantastic both in terms of accuracy and scale.

Being a model with the raised window it rubs shoulders with premium models like my AUTOart CLS! This guy needs not worry about the scale as it is nearly accurate on scaling front as well.

The rear end is something that I liked the most! Look at the tail lamp treatment that speaks absolute craftsmanship just like the original car. The logo on the boot is also good as the front, the exhaust pipes are cool and the chrome treatment is top notch!

Coupes are known for their slender lines and smooth backend… Welly has done some exceptional work to maintain the line and the smoothness. Bravo Welly!!

The operating doors open wide for you to get in! Sorry not to get in physically but you can for sure get the getting in experience that can only be felt!

The hood are supported by conventional hinge mechanism but here they do real nice job keeping the hood high and secure!

Dint I tell you about the getting in experience!! This is what I was talking about check out the access to the interior even with such a huge DSLR. I am sure no camera can give a feeling of a human eye so this shot give you a perception.

Fully covered engine in black is expected to be boring but to my surprise is exciting! Thanks to the materials used and the tiny details like the oil can in white and even the air con coolant can pretty close to the windshield.  Though the label in the front side of the chassis looks but is not readable (I know thats too much)

Ok before I wrap this review here is my favorite part of any car/model.. This alloy is detailed and the cuts are so sharp more sharper than the Minichamps GT. The drilled discs pad and the black calipers with the Bentley engraved on them is super cool.

Finally the verdict:- This Bentley as mentioned earlier is not a premium model but challenges every other premium model in my collection, thanks to the rolled window and the sleek body work. I wanted to rate this model to the maximum but giving just .5 shy of the 5 because of the gap that can be only be found by an eagled reviewer like me.

Also find outdoor shots that this guy enjoyed!

7 thoughts on “Bentley Continental Supersports – Welly

    1. Thanks Buddy.. I definitely recommend one into anybody’s Collection. Just go for it before it disappears!!

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  2. Amazing review. Love this Bentley. I have the one made by Bburago and there’s no comparison between these two. The Welly stands out.
    Pictures are amazing.
    Where did you shoot them? Is it the JNU Campus in Delhi?

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