Best Car for Black Friday Shopping – Diecast Photoshoot

Black Friday is a day that marks the beginning of the shopping season and the deal on products are crazy! So people will stack up to the blimp and need to pick the right car for the purpose, here is our diecast version of the shopping car selection purpose! I picked all the black 1:18 scale car from my collection and matching 1:18 scale figures to make this photoshoot interesting!

Black Friday Shopping - Welly Aston Martin DB9 - Stig

Stig being stig, gave him something flashy and British… Yeah Aston Martin DB9 (Motormax) is a very sweet ride and pretty quick to catch a deal. But because the car’s boot isn’t that big may create issues bring back you haul!

Black Friday Shopping - Paragon BMW M6

BMW M6 (Paragon Models) is a sweet ride that give the perfect combination between performance and space, so that you reach store running a deal and pull in your haul in style!

Black Friday Shopping - Maisto Audi R8

Audi R8 (Maisto) is yet another flashy car that can do a sprint real fast and you drive in style! But this also has a very small boot in the from but if you want to haul big stuff then strap on a Thule carry case to the roof and get your haul back in style!

Black Friday Shopping - AUTOart Lotus Exige

Lotus car are small light and fast, but the space is super cramped, this Exige (AUTOart) is no different and the worst car that you could use for Black Friday shopping… But if you want loonily visit those flashy high end store in style this could be your pick!

Black Friday Shopping - Maisto Audi TT

Audi TT Roadster (Maisto) is a great car take you to the stores quick but you suffer from lack of space as the boot is just functional! Being a roadster you could freeze to death as well.

Black Friday Shopping - Maisto Hummer H1

And the Winner is… The Hummer H1 (Maisto) is by far the best car/suv for the Black Friday shopping thanks to its massive size and powerful drive train, not to mention its offload capability it can take you to place quick and bring in your massive haul like flat screen tv even 100+ inch without issue. SO how do guys like this photo session? Do let me know your suggestion in the comments section below. Till next time… Ciao!

Black Friday deal are getting hotter every second and you need a car that could get you there on time and big enough to take your haul back...

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