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BMW R1200GS is manufactured by BMW-Motorrad (Motorcycle division of BMW) in Berlin facility. The R1200GS is a dual-purpose bike, which can be used on track as well as off road. It was introduced in 2004 replacing the R1150GS and later upgraded in 2007 (the model we have in here) with a features like Integral ABS II, electronic suspension adjustment (ESA) and the Automatic Stability Control (ASC) traction control system. It is powered by a 1,170 cc, 2-cylinder boxer engine which produced above 100bhp. It is the best selling motorcycle that BMW has built.

First and far most this 1:12 diecast model of BMW R1200GS made by Maisto is massive and dimension is perfect. The matt white paint is nice though there are places where some smudging is visible like the front mudguard. The detailing is nice from a budget brand; nothing ground breaking and not many issues to complain about.

The bodywork and the additional framing almost hide the massive boxer twin engine. The exhaust from the cylinders is feed into a single sided tail pipe, which is finished in high gloss chrome so as the whole exhaust unit. The dual barrel headlamps are very nicely done and the acrylic windshield is superbly done. The turn indicators (both front and back) are not so good as the headlamps the same is applicable to the tail lamp also. The license plate reading “Maisto” is not so good looking and makes me wondering when Maisto’s mike models gets some real fancy license plate.

Boxer engine along with the shaft drive system is finished in some special shade of aluminum which is a very nice touch as it differentiates this from the rest of the aluminum parts like rear grabs, protective frames and telescopic front forks. The spoked wheels make the bike look like a toy because of the thickness and the shade. The model comes with both side stand and the center stand but the side stand is fixed (works on the aesthetics) so only the center stands can be deployed.

This has few flaws like other budget model but has some many great detailing, which makes this one of the best Maisto bike in my collection. I personally like the rear grabs and the exposed frame with the badge, rear wheel protection guard, the whole handle bar, instrument cluster, gorgeous aluminum finish on the engine, acrylic windshield and the BMW logos all around the bike.

If I have all the money in the world I would definitely buy this bike and ride home and office in this monster which I am sure will attracts more eye balls than any exotic cars but I am not that brave to handle bike of this size in our traffic so a diecast satisfy the thirst to some extent. Good job Maisto and long like BMW.

9 thoughts on “BMW R1200GS – Maisto

  1. Well done, great photos.
    I bought the bike 3/12/2010 and it’s a total blast, now I need a model for my office.
    Regards Tony

    1. WOW thats great, I guess you got the same color?

      If you are planning to get a model in the same scale as mine then there are Maisto and NewRay.
      My recommendation would be Maisto as it sports better details than the other.

  2. I want to by this model. R1200GS Adventure. Pls contact me. Could you please sent 1 pcs to Turkey? Where could I order and buy it?

    1. Hi Pervin Ozulu, I am just a collector not a seller.. You can try ebay or amazon and some sellers will send to international clients.
      All the best.

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