Christmas Toy Photoshoot with Stig Figurine and AUTOart Cars

Christmas is big festival that brings smile to everybody and it is usually filled with gifts, party and decor! I being a Diecast Car Photographer wanted to have some fun with my diecast models on this very special day! For today’s photoshoot I took out my trusty old Stig Figurine and two Fords(Ford GT and […] more

Best Car for Black Friday Shopping – Diecast Photoshoot

Black Friday is a day that marks the beginning of the shopping season and the deal on products are crazy! So people will stack up to the blimp and need to pick the right car for the purpose, here is our diecast version of the shopping car selection purpose! I picked all the black 1:18 […] more

Jeep Renegade in Saltlakes

Ever wondered taking Jeep Renegade onto a Saltlakes? I did it today, here is what I managed to get out of my 1:24 Jeep Renegade and homemade salt lakes custom base! more

72nd Indian Independence Day – Photoshoot with Hotwheels Cars

I love theme based photoshoot and Independence Day is a special day so calls for a special session. This year Independence Day I picked few of my 1:64 cars for this special shoot. The Green Chevrolet and White Bentley are made by Hotwheels and the Orange Lamborghini is made by Maisto. This tricolor shot was […] more

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Photo Story

Jurassic Park is one of my favorite Dinosaurs based movie and me being a miniature collector had some dinosaurs and other figures. 1:20 scale T-Rex is the largest and the most detailed, when I saw the Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom poster, a photo series idea triggered me to replicate it… So worked out to complete […] more

Avengers Infinity War – Figurine Photo Shoot

Avengers: Infinity War is releasing today and I bring in a conclusion to the teaser show in my Instagram for the last two days.. here is all the photos from that collection, hope all the my Avengers figures are doing good job posing. more

Smiley’s Valentines Day Celebration

Today, Valentines Day I am doing a special photoshoot with my happy heart smiley and Red Bburago Ferrari F50. The theme of course is Love so I picked a legendary Ferrari F50! I loved working with these props and the output is exceptional… View the full collection here more

Republic Day Special Photoshoot

Today being our Republic Day, wanted to do my traditional tricolor photoshoot but thought why do the same old stuff again and again! So did something new by taking a figurine and gave him a tricolor flag and drop him right next to Tata Nano made by Norev. Check out the photos I managed to get. more