Stig’s Dayout with SLS AMG & its GT3 Sibling

Some say that “He has a full size tattoo of his face, on his face” and some say that “He spends spare time catching fish with his tongue or foraging for wolves in the woods”… All we know is, he’s called the Stig. The bizarre facts is he also spends his spare time in driving! […] more

Dodge Vipers enjoying Indian Summer

Dodge Viper pull its name from a Venomous Snake that likes sun and very lethal if attacked. These Vipers are also designed to do the same but in a very civilized fashion.. I always have weakness for American Muscle and Viper being a muscle and modern car in a single package, who would say no?? […] more

Visit to Aero India 2013

Aero India 2013, considered Asia’s premier air show, was held just outside Bangalore at Yelahanka Air Force Station from 6th February 2013 to 10th February 2013. It is known for world’s best pilots displayed aerobatic, astounding and death-defying skills. But it is also a platform for potential business tie-ups and networking. I am not business […] more

Diecast Year – 2012

The year 2012 is called “Year Of The Water Dragon” but I can pretty well call it as “Year of Ducatis” or “Year of 1:12 Bikes” because seven Ducatis came home this year and also twelve 1:12 bikes, which includes five Ducatis. I also invited five Exotic Super Cars and three Big Brute SUVs in […] more

Visiting a Diecast Car Museum in Ooty

Diecast car/bike collection is a big time hobby, even in a country like India where words “kitne de ti ya” (whats the mileage) decides buying decision… Passion for cars and bikes is in highest levels! Many diecast collectors including me start very early… what starts as a toy collection grow to be an addiction for […] more

Hummer H1 Wagon and Humvee – Summer Outing

Every offroad driver holy grail is a hummer because of its DNA, which is from a Humvee(HMMWV – High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) a military vehicle created by AM General primarily used by the United States Armed Forces. Also the civilian version is lighter so more nimble! Recently I got myself a Hummer H1 Wagon […] more

Diecast Year 2011 – Cars

This year(2011) has been a sluggish year for me, both on collection numbers as well as the xDiecast activities!! But with the good number of car in the lot already and the import duties (that I paid on couple of models from US) made me rethink about the patten that I follow this hobby. Though […] more

Diecast Year 2011 – Bikes

I would consider this year as the best diecast year both for bikes and car! Though the number are not doing justice but the model are!! With only 9 bikes/scooters in 1:12 and one each on 1:6 and 1:10 scales. This is one tough photo shoot because I could not find any favorites! because every […] more

Weekend Camping with Beamers – Photo Session

After a couple of busy work days and hectic traffic hyped my blood pressure to a higher level. Finally its weekend and I am bored to death! Why no new movies to no special buddies to go outing with and no money even to go out diecast shopping. So opened my wordpress to post something […] more

Best of Diecast Year – 2010

Its New Year and its time to look back into the year passed before we start this New Year! I being an avid diecast collector turned back into my collection! I have made a tremendous progress to 43 18 scale cars and the overall collection have passed 100. Even this very site came into existence […] more