Top 10 Hot Wheels of 2019

Hot Wheels released some awesome set of mainlines this year, and I ended up picking over 450 cars. Here is my “Top 10” cars that includes Bugatti Chiron, Land Rover Velar, Jaguar XE SV Project 8 and more. more

Diecast Year 2017 – Cars

The year 2017 was really good for me and I got some of my dream diecast car like the Hummer H2 SUT and Mercedes-Benz G-Class G500 4×4²! So I recap my diecast car journey last year and give you a insight of my year 2017. more

Diecast Year 2017 – Bikes

How was my Diecast Motorbike Collection last year! Great!! I had some great experience with some new sellers and some cool model added to my 1:12 diecast collection! Let me give a insight of how the year 2017 was what my 2018 plans are read on. more

Diecast Car Collection Update – 2016

Every year end calls for a recap of what the year has done to you! Me being a diecast scale model collector usually do a collection update and talk a bit about the plans for the next year! So here we go… The year was good without any sudden spike or dip, because I was […] more

Figurine Collection Update – 2016

I love diecast models, that includes cars, bikes, SUVs and even helicopters and airplanes. Any year’s update would be filled with cars and bikes mostly but this year is different! I had acquired quite some figurines so I thought why not make a separate post to update you about my figurine collection. Ok I usually […] more

My Motormax Pagani Zonda C12 – Crashed

Pagani Zonda C12 is a very nice exotic car by Motormax! Its has been featured in my tricolor shoot for our Independence Day this year and also used it for showing my support for Movember November this year. He is showing alot of enthusiasm and very accommodating… Being a white color car this car need […] more

Diecast Year 2015

Every diecast year post of mine in xdiecast is all about my collection and the hobby status for that particular year! But this year’s post is more of collection reorganization, long term plan and showing off! Yes you heard it right! As you can see from the header banner the collection seems very very small! […] more

Diecast Year 2014 – Motorbikes

This year is the diecast year of bikes here in xDiecast! 11 motorbike models from Maisto and NewRay (mostly red) joined xDiecast garage this year. In 1:12 scale alone I added around 11 model from Maisto and NewRay brand, all these are sourced within country thanks to the diecast awareness and new importers joining in […] more

Diecast Year 2014 – Cars

Every year holds memory, some good and few otherwise but in the world of diecast collectors it is always good too good. This year good me around 8 cars 1:18 scale and 11 bikes in 1:12, which might not seem large in terms of number but awesome when looked backward on process on how they […] more