Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 5

As per the packaging he is called Torazame Kinjirou, a part of “Organic Bad Boys Glare of Eyes Vol. 4” so you get some exceptional details on body texture and also on the apparels that he is wearing.. Being a 1:18 scale figurine the facial expression is also pretty notable.. This time I took along […] more

Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 4

Welcome to the forth post of my Meet My Badboys series… As always I have some real good review filled with awesome photos. The collecter’s are getting hungrier and the maker are trying their best to feed the collectors with some good shit also keeping the competition intact. Like what we have seen in the […] more

Meet The Stig Figurine in White

“Some say the Scottish released him too early!” – Jeremy Clarkson, “Some say he has a stripy top just like mine” – James May and “I say he is the most exotic and a must have figurine in any collectors ledger” all we know is he is called the Stig. I have been eyeing this […] more

Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 3

This figurine is also a part of the bad boys collection called “Organic Badboys Glare of eyes Vol.4”. The name well suites these figurines as the eyes are very well detailed and they definitely show fury. This figurine has many a nick names and the most popular is “Topless”. This boy is all about macho […] more

Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 2

My second figurine in line! This is a little more detailed than the first and it is a single piece unlike first one which came as two pieces. The figurine started driving with my model car as co-passenger and they are attracting quite a amount of eyes. This guy here is named as “Freak” because […] more

Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 1

Just like the diecast car collection figurine collection is also a big time hobby. This includes collection of movie figurine, barbies, sports starts or even some si-fi charactors. These figurine starts at very small scales to bigger scales just like the diecast car and bikes! Most diecast collectors also do collect few figurine to go […] more