Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson Edition – Unboxed

Yes I am a big time SUV lover… I love them for it’s intimidating stance and road presences! And if I have to dig deep I would say pickup trucks are my favorite in all of the SUV space! In real life I would want a GMC Sierra in red, in 1:18 though I would […] more

Hotwheels Ferrari FF – Unboxed

Like every other sport car aficionado I do like Ferrari car! Being a 1:18 scale car collector, till few years back(before Bburago/Maisto got the franchise) Hotwheels is the only brand that was catering to budget/mid level collectors… They made some awesome model sporting fine details especially in Elite and Super Elite series! The only problem […] more

Bburago 1:18 Ferrari 488 GTB – Unboxed

Ferrari 488 GTB is one sexy Ferrari that you must have in your collection! I took this Ferrari 488 GTB (Race & Play series) few months as the other super sexy Ferrari 458 Special Signature din’t like up to it’s hipe! This 488 GTB was sleeping inside its box for so long and the time […] more

Newray Skypilot Lockheed C-130 Hercules USCG – Unboxed

I love car and bike but there is a part of me that goes crazy for anything flying! I had a r/c helicopter which I crashed onto my ceiling fan! I an a bike fighter planes/helicopter aficionado and I love to photograph them… I am a regular visitor to those Aero shows and also love […] more

Marvel Ultimate Spiderman Figurine – Unboxed

Spider Man has been my childhood hero and still one of my favorite avenger series character! Anyways the Iron Man always takes the high place followed by the angry Hulk! I was not into this figurine for long long time because I don’t have any application for this guy in my collection… So I skipped […] more

Marvel Avengers Assemble Iron Man Figurine – Unboxed

Marvel Avengers Assemble is one of the most loved TV series if you are into comics of any type. I have always been a Iron man lover.. intellect, out of box thinking and never break down attitude. I already have a 1:12 scale Iron Man and a small scale Hulk Buster but when I saw […] more

Newray 1:60 Sikorsky HH 60J Jayhawk – Unboxed

Newray makes some really cool diecast bikes… And I was privileged to own some of their best! As you might know by now that I a also in models of helicopters and airplanes as well… I wanted the best and the F16 made by BBI and BBI Elite Force MH-60 Night Raid Black Hawk Helicopter […] more

Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 – Unboxed

Ever since I first saw this car in “Need For Speed” movie, I was itching to get my hand on it as I am not one of the previledge country where this car launched I at least wanted a 1:18 scale diecast model. When Maisto broke the News about the 1:18 2015 Ford Mustang I […] more

Automaxx 1:12 Kawasaki Ninja 250 – Unboxed

Automaxx makes some brilliant 1:12 bikes with some exceptional details to compete with premium brand. This Kawasaki Ninja 250 is a typical example of that notation and this is the very same reason why I got my hands on this pretty Kawasaki. I wrote about this Kawasaki Ninja 250 ages back, when it was released. […] more

Maisto 1:18 Audi R8 GT – Unboxed

Maisto made this wonderful Audi R8 GT in matte black as a grand finale to the R8 GT release and it just won enough to be the hottest color ever created in Audi R8 GT. I like this model and found it to be a worthy model to sit in my garage so got it and unboxed it today. more