2006 Chevy Camaro Concept – Jada

This being the fifth generation Camaro shown as a concept in 2006 North American International Auto Show. The concept is based on the new GM Zeta platform and was designed by South Korean-born Sangyup Lee. The concept car features the same formula as 2-door, 4-passenger, rear-wheel drive coupe, while the body-styling is a takes hues from the first generation Camaro of the sixties. In 2007 the yellow car which made its appearance in the Hollywood movie ‘TRANSFORMERS’ gave it a nick name BumbleBee which is even more popular that the original Camaro itself.

With a rock star kind of reputation and legendary history to back it up, this car as a scale model gets immediate focus to any display case. Jada made this replica in 1:18 scale and sizing can easily be rated at 1:17 scale due to humongous footprint, even my Ford GT500 is a no match. The paint finish is exceptional and the detailing is very well maintained in windshield, rimless windows and rear glass. The grill is kind of plasticky but gives it an overall retro feel. The chrome finished alloy wheels are a benchmarks so as the drilled disc brakes front and rear.

The down side of this model is omission of the functional steering which is a standard now a days on 1:18 models, the other drawback is its under body finish, which is poorly done and bits of unfinished paintjob is clearly visible(boot for instance) even when it is closed. Jada definitely have to improve the underbody detailing as there is nothing to talk about except the chunky chrome exhaust and the drive shaft.

The interiors are basic made out of plastic in black color with a touch of chrome for the paddles, gear stick etc. The hood pops up to reveal a wonderful beast of engines fully finished in chrome which kind of lacks details but works very well with the rest of car.

As per me this is a very detailed model with some minor glitches and missouts, which otherwise deserves a thumbs up.

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  1. The headlight is kind of misplaced, may have happened on the transit from US. Trying to fix it without damaging the car.

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