Chevrolet Corvette (C6) Coupe 2005 – Maisto

The Corvette was named after a warship, which is maneuverable and small (credit goes to Myron Scott for this legendary naming). The first model (convertible) was introduced at the GM Motorama in 1953 as a concept show car. Now in its 6th generation (C6) and is the first and only continuously-manufactured American sports car. The biggest aesthetically difference it showed over the previous generation was its exposed headlamps (all models since 1962 had pop open type). It came with a 7.0 liter small block engine codenamed LS7. At 427.6 cubic inches, the Z06 was the largest small block ever offered from General Motors. This Corvette C6 was offered with 6-speed manual and automatic (which is faster than any other production automatic Corvette). The five-spoke wheels and leather-wrap interiors was also added to enhance creature comfort.

This sixth generation (C6) Corvette is a 1:18 scale replica crafted (not made) by Maisto. Being a budget model you would expect nominal level of details, but this Corvette comes with some mind blowing details like the multi projector head, razor sharp shut line and real car like glossy paintjob. Mine being a navy blue, camouflages most imperfection and definetly deserves the “Best Maisto in my Collection” award.

First and fare most the bodywork, which is exceptionally smooth and lines very neat. I guess the bodywork’s imperfections are camouflage by the class leading paint job. Headlamps sport a very decent multi projector setup and that blue tint awesome! The swooping line, which made Corvettes popular, has been captured nicely. As always the low profile tires and those gorgeous alloys scores the maximum points. The rear end is typical Corvette styled (sexy dual barrel tail lamp) attracts you like a magnet.

The interiors are very good for a budget diecast model like our Corvette. Apart from the plastic usage for the interior there were no other issues. The dual tone central is a class act, the blue-lit instrument and simple yet smart dials are cool. The gear lever is chunky and on closer inspection it even got the pattern markings for gears. The chrome-plated pedals are nice and the textured flooring gives a carpeting feel. The replication of leather seats and upholsteries is fantastic; the pattern on the seats is very interesting.

The doors open (not so as in other Maisto), boot opens up and shows the neat and raised floor and the steering work pretty effectively. Am I missing something? Yes the engine bay! Which is a great effort done by the diecasters. The plasticky engine packs enough grunt to shake big boy (like AA) with its deep detailing such as the aluminum alternator, oil can in white, warning signs and few hoses. But the markings are very small (without photo etching) so they all have smudged here and there…

This guy speaks American accent all around and the Maistos effort in interpreting the American’s accent into such a small yet efficient package should be praised. As all budget models this Corvette also shows up some issues cribbed by the budget constrain which becomes obvious on closer inspection. But only an eagle-eyed reviewer can make out not someone who just likes model cars. So this is indeed a very good buy without burning a hole into my wallet.

2 thoughts on “Chevrolet Corvette (C6) Coupe 2005 – Maisto

  1. Nice!! I’ve been meaning to get the silver one for quite some time now….this is oen of those earlier cheaper Maistos at 1375….a real bargain!! I would love to get my hands on the yellow one but that’s not available anywhere here.

    1. Oh yellow is very cool color for C6 but Autoart C6 in yellow are rare (wish our modelart or gift center guys gets it for us)

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