Dealer Edition Jeep Renegade in 1:18 Released

Jeep makes some of the finest off road machines! They wanted to get into a style conscious driver and also to get more younger drivers into Jeep brand they introduced the Renegade! This compact SUV by Jeep did extremely well in both US and abroad. This little guy is coming to India soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed and bank account filled. So its just natural that we SUV lover and diecast Jeep collectors wanted this in our display case! So here comes this sexy new dealer edition Jeep Renegade in four hot colors that sports some details that makes this mini diecast 1:18 Jeep Renegade a must have!

  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade Red - Front
  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade Red - Profile
  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade Red - Profile
  • Being a dealer it comes loaded with all bells and whistles! The all doors open, there is a detailed engine bay, sleek interiors and even working sunroof!
  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade - Orange
  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade - Gray
  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade - White

Me being a red lover featured, a red color Renegade! All the other colors(orange, gray and white) also are very very beautiful. I am totally confused between the orange and the red as they both look very hot in any display! I kind of inclined towards the darker colors because of those aluminum inserts that stands out in them than in lighter subtle colors like the white!

  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade Red - Box

    Acquiring a dealer edition model comes with its own advantages! Here this Jeep Renegade comes in a sexy enclosure that are cut out display in the shape of “X”, which is a signature marker of Jeep in Renagade! The box itself is a work of art as it holds some more art work depicting the off-roading heritage! Over all I am really excited about this compact Jeep Renegade and the way this 1:18 diecast is going to turn my collection around! May this is the first 1:18 model that I add to my collection that I would love to have in my real 1:1 garage!

  • 1:18 Jeep Renegade Red - Rear

Currently this 1:18 diecast Jeep Renegade model is available in some Japanese and Chinese diecast store and some other online store like Aliexpress also it at a mouth watering price of USD.120 and few are giving free shipping as well. Check out these link if you are interested in buying this Renegade in red, orange, gray or white. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section about this compact Jeep. Ciao!

Note: The links mentioned here are for reference purpose only and are not recommendations. xDiecast holds no responsibility for any losses if incurred.

4 thoughts on “Dealer Edition Jeep Renegade in 1:18 Released

  1. Fantastic diecast model of a fantastic car. I’m owner of a Jeep renegade Limited, and I absolutely need this model.

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