Diecast Car & Bike Collection of Year 2018

New Year brings in new hope, new plans and a lot of resolutions that fly off in a couple of days! But before we get into that, lets do a quick recap of the year 2018, which just passed… I added a lot of diecast cars, motorcycles, aircrafts and some figurines but for a better focus, I picked only 1:18 cars and 1:12 motorbikes for this list! Year 2018 has been a little sluggish but hotwheels saw a lot of action thanks to the local importer who brought quite a collection! One other achievement last year is launching my new action figure blog www.figstop.com, so check it out if you are into comics and pop culture!

ModelArt, Bangalore has been the major store that stock 1:18 scale models that are not Maisto/Bburago but even they dint get a lot because of newer/tougher import enforcement and lack of demand for resin! They still imported in some sexy Maistos and this Ford GT 2017 is one of them, I picked this around December and was super excited even though this is my second 2017 Ford GT (first one being a blue exclusive edition).

This year I attended Bangalore ComicCon (full coverage here) for the first time had a wonderful time there. Though a pop culture and comic based convention I managed find few stores that had some nice diecast! This 1968 Shelby GT500 KR by Lucky Diecast is that one diecast in 1:18 scale that I count miss! So I picked it on spot and was super happy since then!

Maisto dint release last year but some that released are all nice and this 1:18 Audi R8 V10 Plus is one of the best just like the Lamborghini Urus by Bburago! I should say that I got lucky with this and found one in ModelArt and seized the opportunity at once! The color is kind of exotic orange but due to my background and camera setting it looks kind of red! This is a cool model and Miasto deserves a big thumbs up for this incredible Audi R8!

I just love Batman movie and Batman Begins(2005) is my favorite of them all, me being a car nuts loved the tumbler chase scene and wanted one for a long long time…. Finally the time had come to pick this beauty on my visit to US, thanks Amazon.com for delivering it before I left! This is an awesome diecast car and the added movie connect makes this the best pick for this year!

I love Kawasaki bikes and proud owner myself in real life connects me personally to these 1:12 scale models every time a new Kawwsaki is released! I wanted a 1:12 H2R since it was released by Automaxx but due to high import cost I kept in hold and I was blown when Maisto released (unboxing here) this and pick it up when I got the first glance!

Though I being a diecast bike collector for over 10 year I got my first 1:12 scale offload bike only last year! And this year I add two more to that list the first is the Newray Kawasaki KX 450F and the green body work makes it awesome in my display! The second is a Maisto Husqvarna FE501 with white and blue bodywork makes it nice and stands tall in my collection!

The year 2018 was a decent year for me though a the numbers dint go up as I wanted but the addition excited me enough! The New Year resolutions for this is to travel abroad a bit more than last year and pick more diecast as I almost drained all the local store! And also to put at least one post(review, unboxing and news) every month and keep this site exciting! I been trying to open a Youtube channel for some time, which may take share this year if everything goes well! Happy New Year everybody, have an awesome year ahead!

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