Diecast Display Rooms from Around the World – 1

So finally a dedicated stream for sharing the diecast display! This has been a trouble for every collector who has substantial count to show off. Showoff comes at a cost! The display case and innovation behind it makes it all that interesting! Displaying or organizing makes it far more accessible, so whats the point of collecting if that brings no joy! More you see them grow More you feel accomplished Collection as per me are like our kids “More you see them grow More you feel accomplished” I have seen most of our fellow collectors keep most of their collection on display cases but there are few who don’t even take it out of their boxes(they say they want to protect it) but I feel a model displayed would get more love indeed is always protected to a top level.


I got the idea to start a tread on displaying model when I was given a challenge of moving all my models from one house to an other.. I was desperate to find how to display my models… so was googling around and found few ideas… so the best one so far is this! It practically blends all my hobbies into one single room! OK it actually a Garage turned into a diecast display area. This room features two gaint display shelves mounted on the wall and an “AUTOmotive” theme is created by photographs, trophies and the checked pattern floor…Yes yes I missed the Ferrari and the Bentley but for a reason…who would want to admire diecast when to have the real once to drool your eyes over.



I picked this little display area for a reason… this room has exotic cars…exotic bikes…a very good number of diecast model both cars and bikes and finally it has the same old posters of Rossi which I always wanted to put in my room.





This place packs a punch with our without it main subjects(cars and bikes) thanks to those 200 odd diecast cars that will keep us entertained when the cars and bikes are out.

Source: forodiecast.com

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