Diecast Motorcycle Collection of the Year 2023

The year 2023 is almost over and it is that time of the year I take a look at all the diecast motorcycles that I picked this year. Added few Motorcycles in 1:18, 1:12, 1:10, 1:9 and few more unknown scale Unlike diecast car collection of 2023, the motorcycle collection did much better with eight cool bikes in 1:18, 1:12, 1:10, 1:9 and few more. This year is decent in terms numbers, availability and collection. I picked all these bikes from local stores or online vendors as importing had became so expensive!

Jawa- Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

This year I got one 1:18 scale bike that is a hearts call! Its a 1:18 scale Jawa “The Brave and The Bold” version in desert shade you will find my unboxing post here. This is not that crazy but a subtle bike that works magic on any display. I do have a 1:12 Royal Enfield in the same color, so I waited and waited for this Jawa to show up in 1:12 but that dint happen this year too. So decide to pick 1:18 that could scale up with Desert Humvee with my solider figure.

KTM RC390 - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

Lets get serious with the latest kid in the block… The 2022 KTM RC390 (unboxing coverage here) by Maisto! This 1:12 scale KTM came in as a surprise as I picked this beauty in the middle of Hot Wheels Hunt! This KTM has been in my wishlist for some time and finally picked it one day to enjoy it for lifetime. This is a very cool motorbike and I absolutely love it! This is my third KTM (I believe) in 1:12 scale and so far KTM Duke 1290R has been my top pick and that all changed the Maisto decided to make this RC390!

Ducati X Diavel - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

The Ducati XDiavel S is a beauty and Maisto’s 1:12 version is awesome too for its price. I picked this Ducati from a local toy store in my city and this is one super cool Duc! I have the older Diavel (full review here), which I picked almost a decade ago and still in love with it like day one! I loved it so much I even made a custom action figure (check it out here) to go with it! Its all shinny black bodywork and exposed frame gets a lot of second look to this Ducati in any motorcycle display. Yeah most other Ducati in my collection is red so the shade itself will make it stand out.

Yamaha R1 - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

I picked so many 1:12 scale Maisto this year and my favourite of them all is this Yamaha R1 in its trademark blue. Yeah I have always been a Yamaha fanboy and R1 stands right next to R6 in the entire pool of sports bikes! Actually I was super excited for this Yamaha R1 when I showed in stores I lost track and picked two… One online and even before it got delivered I pick one other on a local toy store. This clearly show how much I love this R1! So I cannot let second one not been loved so I put it up for giveaway… You can check it out here and stand chance to win this Yamaha and some more goodies!

Suzuki Hayabusa - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

An other day… An Other Maisto! That’s how it happened this year… Every now and then new 1:12 scale bikes show up in stores and I just pick them all if my wallet permits! This 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa in silver is one that got without that much of drama as I picked it from the comfort of my couch! This is great bike in real and this 1:12 scale deicast motorbike gives you the same chills at a far friendly price! And the original Hayabusa (photo collection here) in blue is the one that got me into this hobby so adding one with same DNA gets high any day or night!

HTM RCB - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

Its not all Maisto this year… I also picked couple of unlicensed motorbikes and they are not that bad! One of them looks like a KTM RC8 by Max Energy and it is called “HTM RCB”. This looks very similar to the licensed KTM RC8 in 1:12 scale by Automaxx if you remove the Jaguar graphic from the body. This is the better unlicensed motorcycle of the two I picked this year. And these are not cheap they almost cost the same as Maisto 1:12 diecast model, so not that much of value proposition but if love these casts then go for it.

BMW R1800CC - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

The second looks very much like a BMW K1300R and it is made by Motorcycle Garage Shop (yeah that’s what box says) This motorbike is far cheaper than the previous model and this does have some drawback so I would say this again is not a value for money piece! But I am a big fan of BMW motorcycle and we don’t get Automaxx here in India so this is my best alternative and I don’t regret buying it bit.

Captain America Bike - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

As you might know by now, I also have decent collection action figures and I use some of them in this website as secondary assets! The 6inch Marvel Legends do fit quite well with Maisto’s 1:12 scale bikes but they are no match for Hasbro’s rider bikes… Yeah I believe this in terms of fitting them in bike like a glove. This year picked a used Marvel Legends Riders Captain America & Motorcycle from a FB seller and I absolutely love it! So decide to pit him up as it still is a motorbike.

BMW GS1200 - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

Rastar is fairly new brand and finding 1:9 scale BMW GS1200 in a toy store is like winning a surprise gift in a Disney Land! But this Rastar came out missing few parts! Yeah the entire handbag is missing but I was super excited seeing such a big bike in hand. I was ok to take it without some parts and decide to 3d print some time soon. I do love it with my heart and soul! I will soon update you all with how this idea turned out!

Police Bike - Diecast Motorbike Collection - 2023

And finally one other motorbike that I picked just because my heart said yes and head would have never in thousand years! Yeah its a small pullback toy that looked like a European police bike and it looks super cool in white, yellow and blue! It does come with two more drive wheels and from some angles it can be hidden and looks super cool. This also gets some opening boxes, which may not excite me that much but a good feature… All I need now is a cop figure to go with this bike and I could make some cool display. I had a decent year in terms of motorcycles and hopeing I find more motorbikes next year too… Happy New Year.

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