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This year(2011) has been a sluggish year for me, both on collection numbers as well as the xDiecast activities!! But with the good number of car in the lot already and the import duties (that I paid on couple of models from US) made me rethink about the patten that I follow this hobby. Though the ticker keeps ticking, its all in the 1:64scale so not much for the site… This year the import numbers have came down (just 4) makin my 1:18 collection slowdown a little. This year has seen eleven in this segment so lets get started.

This AUTOart Koenigsegg CCX is one of the import that I made from a German dealer. This being a 2010 missed diecast, I was very happy that it made it home this year… The fit and finish, painting, attention to details and the crazy looking doors took this pretty guy to the top of the list.

An other AUTOart came home this year! This Porsche GT2 ignited a spark almost immediately when I saw it in a windowed box in our local store (Modelart, Bangalore). Though I did not find enough time to review this Porsche, this being an AUTOart no words are required.

Audi TT Coupe is one of my dream car both in 1:1 as well as diecast scale model, so I have the whole range (Softtop, Roaderster and this Coupe). Of the range this is the only premium brand (Minichamps) the other are made by Welly. Kept next to the other Audis this just strikes a deadly pose that take no time for you to be impressed.

If Audi is a buyable dream car, Lamborghini is the non buyable dream.. Aventador just adds up an feather to the Lamborghini crown.. I always wanted a AUTOart or Kyosho but when I saw this I could only buy.

Love for Audi TT Roadster forced me to get this 1st generation too onto my collection!! I personally wanted a Revell model in white but this just stole my heart by storm! Though the photos dont look that crazy but on direct view it looks awesome. I am waiting for a coupe version to wright a shootout… stay tuned.

Volkswagen is known for its road presence! Specially with chicks. I got this as a companion to my Red New Beetle. This Cabriolet version is uber cool… Also the color gives a intense look and look awesome with the Red buddy.

This Exoto Hummer H1 Softtop has been in my wishlist for as long as I could remember! Imported from US via Amazon.com. This guy was caught by the customs guys(referred as jipsy jeep) and a wooping customs of over 15% levied on it. I should also mention that customer service of Amazon is awesome because they send in the missing replacement mirror within 10days.

This Military Humvee – Sand yet an other missed item years back. Got it from a forum friend who did a very job packing it and safely couriered.

The BMW X brothers the X1 – Dealer’s Edition and X5 made it home almost the same time. These guys attracted some real attention with both visitors home as well as this site. The outdoor shoot is one of my favorite post that I did this year.

Finally Toyota FJ Cruiser, another US import which also attracted some heavy customs duties (He attracted a 27% duties making him the most expensive). I did some crazy photo shoot with this guy but not so satisfied so dint made it to the site yet. The eleven 1:18 scale model did make created vibes but its the 1:64 scale created deadly space constrains. The newest league in this hobby is the figurine collection and I made 17 purchase, which also include two STIGs (black and white). Overall this year is good, next year is going to be better!!!

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  1. ASARAN23…..I must admit I am simply blown off by your collection. These many cars at one place is rarely seen. Good Luck with future purchases. Just a query….how long have you been collecting and how much worth your garage must be by now?

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