Diecast Year – 2013

So its finally time to say goodbye the current year and think about next year’s resolutions!! But I have a ritual to wrap the entire years activity in one last post… This year has seen some special purchase like the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and a SLS GT3 resin model, which are first in my collection. In term of count I dint put made it too good as I was traveling for sometime then came a company switch and then an other dream to own an imported bike came true but the real culprit is the rupee value drop and storage space shortage! Even after all this glitches I managed to get home five 1:18 cars and five 1:12…As my display is getting over crowded I also started exploring 1:43s and 1:24s too.


Stig’s Choice: This Minichamps made 1:18 SLS GT3 version is the first Resin model to hit my Garage! This is by far the best looking model of this year!! It came as an import from Germany so I have to pay a hevithy import charges but its worth every penny, that I payed. Parked right next to the Street Version this creates vibes, thanks to that massive spoiler and skirts.


My First Ferrari: Yes you got it right! This is in fact my first in 1:18 scale… The reason being the non availability of these model in India and importing also is not viable option because of its face-value!! Finally I like the quality of the Elite so not much interest goes to foundation model! This F12 Berlinetta being my First Ferrari I have lot of plans for its review, so stay put.


Only American: I love American Muscle(modern) cars and this year seem more like a European domination collection but this one American can stick his head so high and wave his flag. I got this from ModelArt, Bangalore… On my first visit they only had a black version so I book and waited few week for restock and finally got it in the color I wanted all the time. There is plan of comparing this with the Chevrolet Corvette C6 2005, which should be fun.


911 Cabriolet: I always wanted a 911 Cabriolet in my collection… this dream came true on my recent visit to Hamleys, Bangalore and I did not even thought of what brand it is till unboxed. The color and body finish is good but the wheels dont do justice! But a very good addition!


Second GT3 RS: I already have a GT3 RS! But this is a 4.0 version so it has all new graphics and worth a parking space next to the Welly Made GT3. I been eyeing this Porsche for so many months and finally decided to strike it off my wiselist last weekend! The package is awesome so should look give some premium feel too…


Rarest: This KTM Duke 125 is one of the rarest in market!! Maybe not much of taker because its not a cult bike or a dream bike of any sort. I kind of found it on Ebay so couldn’t control myself so I clicked on that Buy Now button.. Being an import it took sometime to reach me but the wait is well worth.


Matrix Babe: Yes its a “Ducati 998 S” by NewRay in 1:12 scale… Ever since I watched “Matrix 2”, I wanted a 996 in my collection! But as it is a not available, I went ahead and got the closest 998. This relatively decent and the red body and Ducati badge will quality to get a gate pass into my garage.


Great Italian Breed: I love Ducatis! My regular readers know this very well… I have around 10 Ducati of 48 bikes in my collection. This is the second Ducati that dream of owning in real life next to Monster 796. I love this bike for no reason!! I got this bike when I was in Delhi on a business visit and he accompanied me on the flyback home.


Sexy Piper: This MV Augusta F3 Serie Oro 2012 has the most sexiest exhaust pipes in my collection. Then you might be wondering why did I get the front facial when I could have got the nicest ass but that the fun part… This bikes review may come out faster than you think, so hold on…


Second F4: This is my second MV AUGUSTA F4 2010 model, this still has four underseat exhaust but is updated to rectangular shape… There are more to this bike that makes him a sexy hotshot. Though this year dint see that much of new arrival but this year set a proper foundation for the blastry year to come… I got a couple of Tamiya rider figurines to sit and adore the bikes. Also these Tamiyas may set a new chapter in this hobby for me, who knows I may get into customizing or even diorama building.

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  1. HI, my name is Yvonne, come from German and I have been looking for a miniature of the KTM DUKE 125 for a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t find any more. Now I have seen your site and I am happy. Would you sell me your KTM? It’s for a good cause. I would be very happy. Sorry, I don’t speak English well. Look forward to your response. Many greetings Yvonne

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