Diecast Year 2015

Every diecast year post of mine in xdiecast is all about my collection and the hobby status for that particular year! But this year’s post is more of collection reorganization, long term plan and showing off! Yes you heard it right! As you can see from the header banner the collection seems very very small! It is infact the lowest ever but in reality the numbers are consistent but not in 1:18 scale cars and 1:12 scale bikes! I concentrated more on accessorizing the existing collection but adding figurines, smaller scale model as a part of the new theme “Scale Wars” and most importantly got myself a permanent display case that now hold around 80 1:18 cars! The 1:12 diecast display case for bike is something that I am working on may be that will be there in my next year!

  • Paragon BMW M6
    Ok lets go into the collection! I actually got four 1:18 cars and one 1:18 helicopter(still in box). In 1:12 scale bikes I added 5 new bikes out of which 3 of them are Automaxx imported from China, thanks Ali Express! And those who recommended this awesome place for buying diecast models! And free shipping!!
  • Maisto Audi R8
  • maisto-ferrari-f40
  • Automaxx Kawasaki Ninja 300

    Still Boxed

  • Maisto Harley Davidson Iron 883
  • Automaxx KT RC8 and Maisto HD Iron 883My bike collection is getting better and better every year and this year I managed to get two(Automaxx KT RC8 and Maisto Harley Davidson Iron 883) of my all time favorite bikes. And a wild card Jeep Wrangler came in out of nowhere and took my heard by storm. And this year I got my second favorite Marvel Character figurine the Hulk, he is humongous!! The dream to own my own 1:18 aircraft model also came true in the form of “MI24 Hind Armored Gunship” by Elite Force before I left for a onsite visit to Saudi Arabia, so this guy is still in box so as few other models. Lets see you next year and Happy New Year!!

Diecast Year 2015

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