Diecast Year 2017 – Bikes

This is that time again to look back at the year that just passed! The Year 2017 has mostly been good for me especially in the diecast motorbike/bike section! I managed to get some long awaited 1:12 diecast motorbikes thanks to some Indian retailers and hobby shop owner who finally realized that 1:12 bike do have a competitive market along side 1:12 diecast cars! I do apologies for not unboxing all the model! I was out country for over seven month and then I switch company that all caused some delays in unboxing and reviews! The huge news this year is that “Toys R Us” is here and their first store is opened in Bangalore where I live! Yo hu!

1:12 NewRay Honda CBR1000RR

1:12 Automaxx Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

1:12 Automaxx Husqvarna 900R

I unboxed three 1:12 diecast bike models this year (managed to post only one) and the CBR1000RR is by far my favorite thanks to its multicolor decal work and clean body work (check out unboxing post here) Technically speaking the “Automaxx Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R” and “Automaxx Husqvarna 900R” are not unboxed because they come in package not with any box! But I was happy they came in undamaged! I have the photos and content from the unboxing ready to go, all that are pending is put them together and publish them, so hold on few more days!

1:12 Newray Yamaha YZF R1

1:12 Newray KTM 350SX-F

I have five more 1:12 bike on card for unboxing… I actually was running out of space in my display case so was little relantant to unbox as they will be proned to dust and debris! But all of that is about to change as I managed to get myself an other display case towards the end of the year and now I have no excuses left.

1:12 Newray Kawasaki ZX14 - 2011

1:12 Newray Kawasaki ZX10R

1:12 Automaxx KTM 990SM

Of these five one(Automaxx KTM 990SM) came in via AliExpress route, Newray Kawasaki ZX10R and Newray Kawasaki ZX14 – 2011 came carring a “Toys R Us” tag. Finally by beloved “Hamleys” show me a path to own my favorite Newray to date the “2017 Yamaha YZF R1” so I guess I did justice to all! I guess!

Diecast Year 2017 1:18 Bikes

I am mostly in 1:12 scale when it come to motorbikes but sometime get some odd scale especially if the model gets my heart! A Ducati Scrambler and 1199 Superleggera came this year to grace those sexy 1:18 diorama coming in 2018! If you ask me “What is my Favorite Bike for this Year?” then my answer would be the 1:18 Ducati Scrambler Icon by TSM models but I was that lucky enough to get that to my collection but will keep my eyes for that one as long as I can! So this is a wrap and you have a Fantastic Year 2018. Happy New Year!

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  1. Please review the 2017 1/12 Newray Yamaha r1.I am considering to buy it next month.Tell me whether I should buy it or not.

  2. I am planning to buy ninja zx 6r black from ebay will it attract import duty did you paid import duty on your bikes which where imported i am from mumbai
    Please do reply

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