Disney Pixar Cars – Sarge’s Boot Camp Diecast Photography

I love diecast toy photography and big time diecast car collector! I like to take photos of my diecast model cars in outdoor location but this time of year is not that accommodating as we get rain any time of the day/night! So I got creative and started do some trial photos in our balcony, which opens up to a nice landscape. Here is one of the successful attempt with favorite SUV, Sarge from the movie Disney Pixar Cars.

Sarge's Boot Camp - Front View

Disney Pixar Cars - Sarge's Boot Camp

This Sarge diecast model is really cool and detailed for its size… Paint finish, color and decal all play a very good role creating a perfect package. The front is really accurate to the movie character, special note goes to the lip detail. Though head lamp and the eye details are just decal work but very accurate! The tire tread pattern matches the original Willys jeep and the steel wheels with painted hub work well with it.

Disney Pixar Cars - Sarge's Boot Camp

This Sarge comes with hell a lot of details! And I have to pick a couple of show it in this photo session, so I picked my 40mm macro lens and capture the bonnet decal, which reads “984673” and the decal sharpness is perfect. The other detail that I like is its rear end enhanced by the stepney wheel.

Sarge's Boot Camp - Bonnet Decal

Sarge's Boot Camp - Stepney

In comparison I like the rear end of this Sarge suv as opposed to the front. The registration plates, stepney, clip-on fuel can all play a perfect symphony and Mattel should get special credit for this exceptional effort in a budget diecast model like this Sarge suv.

Sarge's Boot Camp - Rear View

Disney Pixar Cars - Sarge's Boot Camp

I had a blast of experience shooting this suv in varying lighting condition and restricted playground area. But it all worked out well and I ended up with over 30 pics to choose the best. Hope you enjoy my selection as put quite an effort and had fun… Ciao!

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