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The Ducati 1199 Panigale is a sport bike introduced by Ducati at the 2011 Milan Motorcycle Show. It is named after the small manufacturing town of Borgo Panigale. When released 1199 Panigale was the world’s most powerful production bike with maximum power of 195hp and weighing only 164kg(dry) has the highest power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratios. The 1199 is also one of the first production sports motorcycles to feature electronically adjustable suspension. The 1199’s exhaust system and mufflers are underneath the engine, and not beneath the seat as on previous models, such as the 1198 and 1098.

I have started the search for this model ever since its showed up on Maisto’s blog… And finally when I saw some pics of this Ducati in my friends FB page, I immediately posted a message and checked whether its a 1:12 or the market flooder 1:18! I got a favorable result so I whent on a quest around NCR region to hunt down this model, but in vein I could not find this model anywhere! So came back home and googled a little and found an online seller who agreed to ship it within two day.. so I placed an order and waited two long days to set my hands on this beauty.

This 1:12 model of Ducati 1199 Panigale is one of the most desirable model in my Ducati Staple! I should definitely give a thumbs up the folks who executed this master piece in Maisto. The scaling is accurate, the body panels are smooth, paint finish is awesome and small details like the engine engrave and decals gives this bike a run for the money.

Even the dash console details are not left unattended. The especially like the speedo console and the details given to the decal there. The handle bar, the end weights, the rear view mirrors and even the fluids cap gives this pretty beast all the points to stand a chance to be the best Budget model till date.

As you all know I am a diehard Ducati collector so irrespective of the make I collect collect Ducati Street Bikes as long as they in in 1:12 scales.. I wanted to give you a perception of how this Maisto fairs up with its predecessor 1198 by NewRay. Here is what I found out… First and foremost the paint finish on 1199 is for more sexier than that on 1198, the decals on the 1198 are sharper and the 1199 is not left behind, scaling proportion on the 1198 is awkward and 1199 is reasonably better and finally the exposed screws spoiled the party but 1199 at least subdues it by putting black ones.

Overall the Ducati 1199 Panigale is a brave attempt by Maisto and they sure do rock my heart! So by now you would be knowing the scores it a 5/5 and I guess this is the only bike which gets this massive score! As always I took quite an amount of time photographing this beauty so here are the best of my shoots that happened on hotel terrace in Gurgaon and also over my apartment water tank in Bangalore. Enjoy and comment your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Ducati 1199 Panigale – Maisto

  1. This is amazing! Simply amazing by maisto! I am searching for the Streetfighter by Automax! Sadly they arent available here in India! πŸ™

    1. Yes Abhishek, Its really cool how detailed this Maisto is…
      Automaxx models are not available in India and importing is an expensive affair! that’s sad!

    2. I ordered the Panigale a few days back, can’t wait to get my hands on it! πŸ˜€ I am planning to modify my Newray 1198. Some bits like the fairing, the visor and my model’s rear swingarm is slightly tilted. Planning to straighten it up! Hope i succeed! πŸ™‚

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