Ducati Desmosedici 2008 – Maisto

The Ducati Desmosedici RR is a limited(only 1,500) production road-legal version of the Desmosedici MotoGP race bike. The bike was launched at the 2006 Italian MotoGP event. Termed the Desmosedici RR (i.e. Racing Replica) it was claimed to be the first true road replica of a MotoGP racing bike. Powered by a 989cc 90° V4 producing over 177hp, which propels to 100mph in 5.53secs. It can reach a top speed 190.78 mph. It includes a lot of MotoGP part like full carbon fiber bodywork, hybrid steel trellis frame, hydraulically actuated slipper clutch, racing exhaust producing over decibel note etc.

This 1:12 scale model made by Maisto is one of the super cool Ducati that I have in my collection. Me being a Ducati worshiper and a motorcycle freak love this model like hell!! But being a budget scale model it has its own set of drawbacks, let figure out if its worth the money.

The plastic body work seem fantastic the paint finish seems exceptional so as the smooth body finish. The carbon fiber finish on the front fender is cool but not realistic as the patter is over sized. Decal parts are ok but if you observe it using a magnification glass then it shows some smudging and gaps all around.

Being a racing replica if viewed from certain angles the rear end gives orgasm! The model maker Maisto had captured those under body details well. If you are not so familiar with this bikes design, you might be wondering where the exhaust could be.. I guess the same problem could have happened in Maisto because the EXHAUST is the black attachment that takes the place of the rear seat is fully sealed!!!

Optics and engraving parts are on par with the other models from Maisto but the details on the speedo dials are sharp and brilliant!! The text “KEY” on the dash means what? Please Explain Maisto!

This model has a it fair bit of issues but at INR.500/- it is a steal. I am rating this bike at 4/5 purely for the fact that this is budget model and the details rub shoulders with other models out there in the market. I in fact love this bike… both in real and also in scale that’s one of the reason it traveled with me to a vacation spot and here are some pics clicked!!

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