Figurine Collection Update – 2016

I love diecast models, that includes cars, bikes, SUVs and even helicopters and airplanes. Any year’s update would be filled with cars and bikes mostly but this year is different! I had acquired quite some figurines so I thought why not make a separate post to update you about my figurine collection. Ok I usually buy figurines to accommodate my car or a bike, which kind of give a different prospect to my photography! The in fact make my display little less boring and make it look less like a over crowded parking lot! Most of these figurines are purchased in Saudi Arabia from my work visit earlier this year!

  • One Piece Monkey D Luffy - Figurine
  • One Piece Nico Robin - Figurine
  • I got two legendary figurine from the series “One Piece”, they are Monkey D Luffy and Nico Robin. The problem isthey are little too big for 1:18 cars and little smaller for 1:12 bikes!
  • Death Note Light Yagami - Figurine

    One other famous series is “Death Note” and I got couple of figurines, namely “Light Yagami” and “Kiyomi Takada”. These guys are also the same size as the other One Piece figurines but these figurines introduced an other issue i.e. weak feet that makes them standing without support impossible!

  • Death Note Kiyomi Takada - Figurine
  • Of these two figurines I personally liked the Kiyomi Takada figurine for it’s slender build and seamless finish! And of course she look kind of hot too! Maybe I will do some sort of base to stand her up without looking so obvious!

Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars  - Darth Vader Figure

Darth Vader needs no introduction because he is one character who’s costume and his semi robatic voice gets him immediate attention! But the catch here is it is not a figurine actually! It is part of a game console addon that comes with “Disney Infinity 3.0” and I costed me a bomb but I love this guys pose that opens up endless possibilities both in my photoshoot and my display!

  • Lion King Timon - Figurine
  • Good Dinosaur - Spot Figurine
  • Now comes some famous English animated movie figurines… First the Timon from the movie “Lion King”, he is funny and looks real sweet! Next up is a lead character named Spot from the movie “Good Dinosaur” who is known for his smartness and bravery! They both look cool from some angles but the that is spoiled from some other angles due to some branding and stuff!

Girl - Figurine

  • Barbi Doll
  • Farmer - Figure
  • I also got few other figurines that are not associated with any particular comics or series. I mainly got them seeing their potential to enhance my photography collection and my display! The first is a slim girl who took me by storm on first sight. The farmer figurine is a intended purchase after seeing somebody’s work in a diorama setup. Finally the Barbi is actually a barbi that come with a replaceable outfit, which kind of forced me to bag her!
  • Soldier Force - Figurine Box

    Though I acquired a considerable amount of models and figurines… I was a little sluggish to unbox and review in xDiecast. So I was left with around 3 unboxed figurine of which one of them is for a special cause. This Soldier Force figurine along with his quad is kid of cool and will work magic if I do any military diorama in the future! The first resolution for this year 2017 is to assemble some of these Tamiya figurines and learn how to paint them! Because I absolutely screwed the last set due to my painting skills!

  • Disney Infinity Hulkbuster - Figurine Box

    Just like the Darth Vader this Hulkbuster is also a Disney Infinity 3.0 addon… I got this guy specially to put on my new car(dream car), I like Ironman like crazy and Hulkbuster is the coolest suit to date!

  • Tamiya Figurine Kits

Ok guys/girls thank you for holding till now… I really appreciate your support to this site and me. With this year xDiecast is entering into 10th year and I may have some plans to celebrate it. I would be greatful to you if you could write in some ideas for renovating this site and enhance the experience for you! A you tube channel is on its pipeline as well. Wish you all a very Happy New Year, have have fun. Ciao.

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