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Car’s History:
In 2007 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 was the most powerful factory-built Ford Mustang in history, following a unique collaboration between performance car legend Carroll Shelby and Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT). Designed in the unmistakable image of Shelby Mustangs of sixties, the Shelby Cobra GT500 melds SVT’s modern engineering with the big-block performance that made the original GT500 king of the road.

Package and Authenticity: The car comes in a windowed box with 5 sided window making it very useful for inspecting the condition without actually opening the box. The model inside is fastened in the flat base with 4 screws and 2 stings for the hood and trunk and a transparent tape securing the door which works very well in holding the piece for long range shipping. Autoart made this under “Performance” category and is a limited edition, so only 6000 pices are produced worldwide. You will also get a certificate of authenticity with your product number mentioned, I got the 1772rd model.

Exterior and Features:
This is by far one of the cool 1:18 model made by Autoart, mine being red with white strips make a statement just like the real car. The paint finish is fantastic, the gloss and texture is done very well even the under body is given at most importance! To give this model a real car feel the white strips are slightly mat finished and body is painted in high quality red shade. The body is done very well and every corner are well merged, I did not find any visible gaps in my model.

The model has functional doors, hood, trunk and working steering wheel. There are 4 cobra logos(2 in the door which I guess are done with the help of laser itching) which are very detailed which shows even the smallest details. The 10spoke alloy looks very good and also exposes the brake pads which makes it look more classy. The most distinct feature which got my attention is the bonnet mounted antenna which is very well detailed both in terms of material as well as the dimension (thin and matching the cars size which are not done to this precision in any models so far)

Interior and Under Hood:The interior are exceptionally done as is with every other AA models but here the catch is the texture of the seats and floor mats which cannot be described in word (exceptional may be close) but can only feel. When you pop the hood open the 405hp engine growls in your eyes with every detail like engine casing, cables, hood hold rod, fasteners, aluminum block etc.

Owning a Shelby had always been a dream for most of the performance car lovers as well as diecast collectors and this cars will definitely keeps you happy. This being a limited edition will soon became a collectors item in no time.

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    1. It costed me a little under Rs.5000/- I personally picked this guy from Modelart Bangalore… They still have some yellows and blacks left!

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