GT Spirit 1:18 scale Ford Mustang by Toshi to be Released this July

Ford Mustang is a car know for its performance, road presence and heritage. It is the ultimate boys toy for any muscle car lover. So if it is a car of many dreams, then it has to be in our mini garage too, not just any normal Mustang that comes out of a factory assembly line but a very special one by Toshi. This exotic Ford Mustang was recently announced by GT Spirit in 1:18 scale and it is been booked faster than the real one.

GT Spirit 1:18 Ford Mustang Toshi - Front

This is the third 1:18 scale Mustang from GT Spirit’s staple and by far the best I would say, the black shade of this Toshi and minimalistic graphics makes this the meanest even in a crowed display with all other Muscle Cars. I will go a little over board and remark that this is the best American Muscle Car till the Dodge Demon see light from GT Spirit.

GT Spirit 1:18 Ford Mustang Toshi

This Ford Mustang by Toshi come loaded with some sleek and subtle graphics in Matt black, that takes the mean quotient to the next level, special credits has to be given to GT Spirit for these accurate decals. Being a performance oriented version it comes with some large wheelarchs and aero kit! Even the ride hight is lowered to match the performance factor, the smoked window completes the perfect picture.

GT Spirit 1:18 Ford Mustang Toshi - Rear

The rear end don’t fall short of madness… The smoke effect on the tail lamp and the chrome tipped exhaust gets you going. GT Spirit have started accepting pre-order for this mean beast and only 999 units will be produced and hits the stores by July. The price for this Ford Mustang Toshi is around 119,90€ from GT Spirit Store Though a recast of the older model, this Mustang will commend more desirability so will be sold out soon, so be prepared! Till next time… Ciao.


Its is by far the most desired American Muscle model by GT Spirit till Dodge Demo come out!

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