GT Spirit to Bring in 1:18 Ruf Yellow Bird this August

Ruf CTR AKA Yellowbird was a limited-production, high performance sports car produced by Ruf Automobile of Germany. The car received its nickname “Yellowbird” during testing by Road & Track magazine, whose staffers noted the contrast created by its yellow paintwork against the overcast skies on the day of their photo shoot. It is a legendary car that can outperform all competition when it came to top speed topping out at 213mph(fastest at the time of its release) The diecast model world is all about car that holds a name in history and this is one car to look out for. This Ruf Yellowbird comes in a resin form just like all the other GT Spirit models that clears out one thing, that is the exteriors are as good as they get! Lets get to know this Porsche based Ruf Yellowbird.

  • GT Spirit 1:18 Ruf Yellow Bird - Front
  • I am not a big time classic car love but Porsche car(no matter new or old or concept) always makes go crazy. This GT Spirit Ruf Yellow Bird takes it to a next level, thanks to the yellow paint job and keen details that GT Spirit managed to put in. This 1:18 resin model comes in as a best alternative to those expensive models by Sparks both in terms of price and details. GT Spirit showed off couple of photos of this model in its Facebook Page that confirms its release information. I love this yellow much, that’s the first thing that strikes you! The details like the alloy wheels pattern, headlamp lensing, hood vent, door handle with that chrome key hole, that massive spoiler and the rear grill details worth mentioning.
  • GT Spirit 1:18 Ruf Yellow Bird - Rear

The only information that we could get from GT Spirit at this moment is the pre-order procedure will commence by August. Other informations like the pricing, rarity (most GT Spirit models are produced in limited numbers) and production/delivery details will then be available. But going with the past records, we feel like this model could be priced under 100€. And the speculative delivery dates would be around September if everything goes well. GT Spirit being a brand that never disappoints you has an other winner in its hand so keep your wallets filled or those plastic money ready. Till next time Ciao.


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