GT Spirit to Bring in Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster in Designo Magno Selenite Grey this June

GT Spirit makes some exotic resin scale models and we have to keep ourself glued on to their Facebook page for latest announcements on new release(yeah they do a lot) And the newest in the block is the Mercedes Benz AMG GT C in a sexy Designo Magno Selenite Grey shade. This Merc will be hitting the showrooms by this June, that itself will raise our pulse high! I love exotic performance cars especially their roadster counterparts!

GT Spirit Mercedes Benz AMG GT C - Designo  Magno Selenite Grey - Front

The green Mercedes-AMG GT R by GT Spirit is a sexy one and a must have (but the model is out of stock in most hobby store) for a real exotic car model lover if he is ok with a very detailed resin. The only problem with the resin is most of them are sealed leaving lesser access to the inside but that should not be a problem with a roadster so this Mercedes Benz AMG GT C should be a great addition to any collection.

GT Spirit Mercedes Benz AMG GT C - Designo  Magno Selenite Grey - Profile

This Mercedes Benz AMG GT C comes with a sexy exterior and interior, which we are sure that GT Spirit will do a good job going with the previous model experience. The profile of the this Merc is extremely accurate with the ride height and balance in check. The wheels comes in a sleek design and the yellow brake caliper looks through the rim very well giving it a real car like stance.

GT Spirit Mercedes Benz AMG GT C - Designo  Magno Selenite Grey - Interior

From the pics posted in GT Spirit site the interior looks extraordinary! The beige interior works the magic on the grey car, which further get more kick in the form black switch gear enhanced by chrome. I personally love the seats and the pattern on them. The optics are good in resin models and that is not different in this Mercedes Benz AMG GT C.

GT Spirit Mercedes Benz AMG GT C - Designo  Magno Selenite Grey - Rear

This model is produced in limited numbers of 999 and priced at a cost of 119,90€. This model is for sure a value for money miniature model and will add style to your collection. Being a limited edition model it will run out of stock in no time, so if this Merc hits your radar then its best to pre-order in GT Spirit’s site. Do let us know your view in the comments section. Till next time… Ciao.


Only 999 pieces of this Mercedes Benz AMG GT C will be produced and will be made available by June this year.

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