GT Spirit to Release 1:18 Porsche 968 Club Sport by May this Year

GT Spirit is one resin car maker who wows its customers every time they release/announce a new model either in 1:18 or in 1:12 scale, the case true with this ultra bright yellow Porsche 968 Club Sport. This Porsche when released in 1993 it created a lot of excitement with driving enthusiast and Porsche lover all over the world! Produced in a very limited number, its distinctive color and the side decals shouted aloud that I am Porsche 968 Club Sport. Because only 1923 was produced it became one of those collectors car! The case would also be the same as this 1:18 resin Porsche 968 Club Sport is to be produced in limited numbers(only 1250 pieces) so this too will find its home in very limited collectors display.

  • GT Spirit 1:18 Porsche 968 Club Sport - Profile

    I love Porsche car for its sleek design and monstrous performance… I also like them for its not “in your face” kind of design language. This Porsche 968 Club Sport is something of a mixed bag! I love bright colored cars so this distinct yellow shade with those huge “Club Sport” decal is a must have. And this being Limited edition model we all want one in our collection! Then here is the big question! What is the price? At 99,90€ this is a model that is good for your pocket as well. So if you feel that this Porsche deserves a place in your collection then go ahead and pre-order yours here( and let us know your experience.

  • GT Spirit 1:18 Porsche 968 Club Sport - Front
  • GT Spirit 1:18 Porsche 968 Club Sport - Profile
  • GT Spirit 1:18 Porsche 968 Club Sport - Rear

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