GT Spirit to Release 1:18 Scale 2019 Fury Orange Ford Mustang Soon

Its been a while I posted something from the scale model world… I am back now and with big bang news from GT Spirit! Yes GT Spirit is all set to take on American Muscle car lovers by breaking the news about their 2019 Ford Mustang in 1:18 scale. GT Spirit unveiled this news in their Facebook page few days back and also posted some teaser photos in bright fury orange.

GT Spirit 2019 Ford Mustang - Front

Being the first miniature scale model of 2019 Ford Mustang this is exciting for collectors from all over the world. I personally like the color that they have picked for the initial release… this fury orange looks sexy and the black multi spoke wheel alloy enhances the aggressiveness.

GT Spirit 2019 Ford Mustang - Profile

This 2019 Ford Mustang looks sweet but the profile seems pretty much the same as the other models fro GT Spirit line, thats primarily because the real one is similar to its predecessor in many ways. So this new color option gives it some uniqueness in your display.

GT Spirit 2019 Ford Mustang - Rear

Gt Spirit is planning to release this New Ford Mustang 2019 by January 2019 so you cannot get this as your Christmas gift! The price details and production limits are not unveiled yet but we expect those information to surface soon. We expect this 2019 Ford Mustang to take on lot of souls who don’t mind the resin as it build material. I am equally excited as you are and keeping my eyes on any updates about this 2019 Mustang so please lookout for space for updates. Till next time… Ciao.


This 2019 Ford Mustang by GT Spirit will hit stores by January 2019.

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