Hooray! Our Facebook Page xDiecast Have Reached 1000 Likes (Giveaway Alert)

I been in love with diecast scale models ever since I first saw one in Overdrive(India) magazine a decade ago… And I got my first 1:12 Diecast bike (1:12 scale Suzuki Hayabusa) as a gift for my 25th birthday and dint stop collecting or looked back! The main reason why I started collecting is because I love cars, bikes, flights and anything that goes fast and grabs attention meanwhile! Just to share my passion with the rest of the world, I started this website in 2009 and got considerable attention since day one!

Slowly Facebook was becoming a norm for anything related to passion, I decide to create a page (www.facebook.com/xDiecast) in 2012. I kept the main purpose of this FB page is to share my passion and daily adventure such as toy store visits, collection updates etc. Because I only wanted organic users, I never too the paid promotion or anything of that sorts… That’s why I feel so excited for reaching this 1000 mark, which is purely organic! I been looking at the ticker for some time and last week it hit that magical number! Yeah I been waiting for this day for quite some time and was super excited for reaching this milestone!

I decided to thank all my friends and my extended diecast family members for this great acheivement… I created this “Thank You” card and picked the Dodge Demon as the star as its producers over 1000Hp and also my dream cars to day since its launch (GT Spirit version is the goto Demon but missing him so much)! So many people to thank for this massive milestone achievement, so I thank you all for the support and trust you have in me… As a token of appreciation, I am giving away a Dodge Demon(a special one) so follow my page for details of it. Thanks a lot keep collecting, have fun… Ciao.

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