Hotwheels Ferrari FF – Unboxed

Like every other sport car aficionado I do like Ferrari car! Being a 1:18 scale car collector, till few years back(before Bburago/Maisto got the franchise) Hotwheels is the only brand that was catering to budget/mid level collectors… They made some awesome model sporting fine details especially in Elite and Super Elite series! The only problem is that they don’t have any importers in India and the importing ourself is huge deal, taking the budget into AUTOart territory! But as most of you might know, that won’t stop us(crazy collector) from importing and adding them into our collection! Yes I got this from a collector here in India who happen to have an extra Ferrari FF in his collection and willing to let go one of them.

  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Box
  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Box
  • I use all my social connections to good use… I have some collectors in my WhatsApp and occasionally talk about doing group purschase, new model and stuff like that. I have to hear from this collector who is located in Mumbai(India) and seem to have few model that he is willing to let go!
  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Unbox

    Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Screws

  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Out of the Box
  • I then asked him for list of items that he has and the list dint seem good for me initially as it mostly had models that I already own. Later this guy kept on updating me and finally a strike! A Ferrari FF by Hotwheels in 1:18 scale! The price quote is something like INR4600(USD65), which is an okish price! Then we went ahead and finalized on shipping and handling… After some time spend and some messages exchange I finally got this in my hand in near mint condition(near mint because the box had a minor dent on its backside)! Because I opted for a direct pickup option there involved not much shipping chaos and the transition was smooth!
  • Unboxing this Italian super car is a very rewarding procedure as all you would need is a screwdriver and a scissors. Being my fourth(Hummer H3T, Shelby Cobra Concept, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, which is also a Elite) Hotwheels and my first foundation series Ferrari the experience is nice and seamless. Small spacer give lift and also serves the aesthetic quotient.

Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Unboxed

  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Unbox

    Because I like dark colored(Elite series effect) boxes, I kind of don’t like this box much! The texture and minimalistic pattern work well but for me the all red treatment is too much! I do love window boxes because of the fact that you can display(partially) without taking the model out of the box! If you ask me the favorite piece of this box (apart from the model itself), I would say the black base that can be used for display purpose as well! The finish is kind of premium… gives some elevation for the tires and the display is in a angle, which is very nice in any display setup!

  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Out of the Box
  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Rear

    Being a foundation series model I dint have much expectation for this model! But all that changed when I got this model in hand.. The paint finish is nice (nothing comparable to Elite), body work is smooth and even the scaling seems a little tight to complaint! Interior is on par with other budgets model and the upholstry even better!

  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Front
  • Hotwheels Ferrari FF - Doors
  • I am so excited to write a full review on this Ferrari FF more than any model! Because when I got my first Ferrari (the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta) I was blow out of water, yes that was expected because it’s an Elite! But this foundation series FF is creating the same level of adrenaline! So to wrap up this unboxing I would say I am smiling and pulling my hair for an innovative idea for its review! Help me Guys… Ciao!

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  1. Came across your site and your collection pretty huge and awesome. Is there any group in whatsapp for diecast collectors??

    I have nearly started collecting diecasts for past two year ( moslty 1:24).

    1. Hey Buddy, thanks for kind words! I am not so active in whatsapp so no idea about those groups! But I prefer FB groups/pages that will give you a bigger bandwidth! All the best!

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