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The Hummer HX is a concept Off-roader designed by three young designers who are new to the HUMMER studio. Based on a 103” wheelbase it is more compact than any Hummer on road. The vehicle can be easily converted from all covered body style (street use) to open-air driving by popping removable panels. The concept’s instrumentation can also be configured for either highway or off-road driving. The HX has full-time 4WD with front and rear locking differentials, and it’s powered by a 3.6 liter V-6 (E85) FlexFuel engine with a six-speed automatic transmission. The HX’s seats are constructed on a lightweight framework with holes, cross braces and triangulations. They are mounted on exposed, aircraft-style tracks and trimmed with a weather-resistant neoprene material. The rear seats can be removed to generate more cargo room. Even the interior of the HX carrys the design element of the exterior as it is seen in the gauge cluster, instrument panel vents and even the steering.

This is my second model in 1:18 scale, which I bought way back in 2007 so wear and tear is quite obvious. Made by Maisto under “Premiere Edition” came in a nice big box and stackable frame. One of my beloved SUV in my collection to date it and a last concept to be shown by Hummer makes this guy very special. Being a Hummer he shouts macho in every direction and compactness as its designed to. The scaling is speculative (smaller than they actually are) as with most other cars and SUVs but to me it is ok. The finish of this Hummer is impeccable and the chrome finish was flawless but as you can see there are lot of patches, thats due to old age.

The chrome rich front grill gives this new boy a stunning Hummer identity. The highish stance and muscular lines on the bonnet with a chrome-finished grill makes it appealing to the urban user and also to the off-road wannabe. The paint and finish is top class even the gaps between the panels are minimal giving it a premium feel. The aluminum front windshield rail is cool adds a little more flare and the rear view mirror is awesome (the LED indicators get special mention).

Though a compact design it is unmistakably a Hummer; the profile reveals the compactness of the HX and the design concept, which is “Hummer for the Youth”. I like the door line – not much to complain in terms of gaps, shut line and even the contour. The fuel cap is a very touch, which compliments the other chrome parts like the door handle and the rear view mirror. The wheels are huge and chunky though the color seems kind of gray matt than black to me. The seven spoke alloy get full marks for craftsmanship and the tires tie in score with the alloys.

The top panel is sealed but transparent which gives this guy some more aesthetic appeal. Fully operational steering is effective and the turn radius is sharp. Being a two door four seater its doors opens and reveals the gorgeous interior; the door open angle is quite narrow which makes it difficult for my camera lens to take perfect shots of the interiors. The fenders, which are removable in the real concept, are captured in this scale model perfectly and the removable screws ports are cool.

Unlike the other Hummers, HX’s rear door is not fully swing type but a hatchback like partial door (operational in this model) and a swing type trunk door (sealed in this scale model) which also holds the huge spare wheel. The rear hatch shows up more interior upholstery like the rear seats and the floor.

Most concepts get some very interesting interiors and this is no different! The most interesting piece of this Hx’s interior is the dials, which are semi circular and very futuristic in operation. The Maisto’s diecasters have done some keen observation on the interiors and the output is awesome. The chrome surrounds on the dials are fantastic and the steering and instrument console complement them in a very nice way.

Four bucket seats in this model are in pale red and they all comes with their independent suspension built onto them. The seats may look plasticky but they are designed in a waterproof material (in the real concept), which are mounted in a helicopter style frame. The four point seat belts are also provided which enhances the aesthetics of the seats to a very extent.

The engine department is not so interesting as the rest of the model as it is fully covered and the chrome finish on the cover finishes the story. Though this is a budget model it packs some very nice details and priced well to wow most collectors. In my show case it sits in between a AUTOart Pajero and a Welly Range Rover sports and shares relatively equal share of glares which makes it a stunner, with the spot lights on, it blows off its competition.

15 thoughts on “Hummer HX Concept – Maisto

  1. I saw One of this in My Country…
    Only 2 stocks the other one is the “Premium Edition” and the other one is “Custom Shop All Stars”
    They’re both affordable but I have not enough money… still need P500+ (I dunno how much is this “P500+” in dollars)
    (wish I could get the Premium Edition) the color is like sand…

    1. Mine is a “Premiere Edition” and the “AllStar” have a little chrome and customised engine and interiors.

      There is one more edition called “Dirt Riders” with the body finished in muddy shades which also looks very cool…

  2. Hey Saran this model is amazing ..I just wanna know what would be the price diff between “Premiere Edition” and a Normal one in Maisto ..??

    1. I like off roading so a concept Hummer will definitely takes its place…

      Apart from the packaging I see not much to differentiate them! The Premiere Edition also gets a stackable frame which is kind of cool…

  3. Saran how much is this HX Concept 1/18 ..?? Can I get it in MODEL ART ..??? I any ways wanna wait for better quality AVENTADOR meanwhile I will get HUMMER HX Concept.

    1. As per last visit a month back (bangalore Modelart), they had a blue HX in their case itself so hurry you may get one.

      A word of advice – If you are taking the show piece make sure you inspect for defects as it might be handled by many!!

  4. Saran what are these FULL LIGHT PACKET models..? The have all working lights.. are those customized or they come like that from manufacturer..?

    1. So we cannot buy them with working lights ..?? If they are customized how cud they do such a perfect job putting lights in tiny holes ..?

      Saran I sent u a comment on your BAD BOY page .. please give reply when u have free time …

      Thank you .. 🙂

    2. They are professionally customised… not by some amateur so the quality is exceptional. And you can buy it ready made in ebay etc…

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