Indian Sport Scout 1934 – NewRay

The original Scout was introduced in 1920 with a 596cc engine later upgraded with 745cc in response to the popularity of the Excelsior Super X. In 1932, cost cutting led to the Scout’s using the heavier Chief frame, which was less successful. So Sport Scout was introduced in 1934 with a light frame, Girder forks and improved carburetion and alloy cylinder heads. The Sport Scout won the first Daytona 200 in 1937. Smaller 500 cc Scouts were also built between 1932 and 1941, known as the Scout Pony, Junior Scout and Thirty-Fifty.

Replicating classic bike into scale model is a big challenge because of details and smaller parts used in the original models, mostly premium brands takes this kind of tasks. But what I have here is not a premium! It is a NewRay who are known for making some budget model in variety of scales. As I am not into classic item collection, you might be wondering what am I doing with this real old legend? This was gifted by colleague years back.

As always reviewing a classic bike is way more fun than a modern bike. Let discuss what this Indian manages to score. The front end is dominated by the headlamp, (as that’s the only piece there) though it looks blackish in real its ok (blame should go to my photography skills of making the headlamp dark). The chrome parts like the wide handlebar and rear-view mirror look beautiful. Tail lamp is nice and the license plate mount is kind of bizarring!

On a sweep to the left side of the bike shows a lot of interesting bit like the aluminum engine cover, footboard, side stand and so on. The air filter with that awesome chrome cover score full marks and the aluminum horn right above it stands next to it on scores. Linking to rear brake finished in chrome is slightly fat but worth a mention. The tire size and the spoke thickness are not so accurate in dimension but ok for the bandwidth it is marketed in.

On the other side twin cylinders are clearer and they just feast your eyes. The chunky gear stick is cool and perfect in dimension. You can make out easily (even in these pictures above) the kick-start lever and the chain drive system. The suspension system is nice and the replication is good, bravo NewRay. The paintjob is exceptional and the shade and finish is perfect. The “Indian” decal in the fuel tank is fantastic so as the strips on the front fender. One thing I dint like is the puny bags!

You eyes will be treated no matter where they sneak, for example the elevated view shows the meter dial, fuel tank details with 3 chrome caps (I don’t know why it has 3, comment me if you know) and the seat mount on the fuel tank. Though it had its faults for its price it is a steal, I cannot rate this model because this is my first and last model (so far) but can say I am impressed.

4 thoughts on “Indian Sport Scout 1934 – NewRay

  1. AsaRan, is the engine full metal?
    I like this kind of classics too…
    mostly when this classics converted into scale models… the engine is metal

    Like My Honda Shadow VT100c

  2. I mean:
    I think the reason why it has 3 tank covers, Is it becaUSE, maybe the real thing has 3 rubber container under the tank?

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