Ingition Model to Launch 1:18 scale 2020 Toyota Supra Soon

Toyota Supra is a legendary performance car and the 2020 version is even hotter! I have Jada Toys 1:18 scale plain body 1995 Toyota Supra MK IV that was used in Brian’s setoff and love it, so when I got this news about the new 2020 Toyota Supra by Ignition Model I was over the moon!

Toyota Supra 2020 - Grey

This 1:18 Supra is actually a GR Supra RZ and to be launched in white metallic and matte grey to start with. This comes with ADVAN GT type 19inch wheel (Polish & Gunmetallic for grey) or BBS LM type 19inch wheel (Polish & Silver for white), all around diffuser and spoiler . The interior gets normal steering, RECARO bucket seat, 4 point seat belt to complete the perfect picture.

Toyota Supra 2020 - White

This will be one of the hottest model and will sure go with existing Supras and Nissans. Ignition Model will release this cool Supra by the end of July(as per official info) and should hit the stores by August. They also have opened pre-order and this can be booked for $270.00, so click the link here for matte grey or white metallic.We will keep my eyes open for any more updates coming up… So keep yourself tagged with us. Till next time, Ciao!


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