Ivy Model to Unleash 1:18 scale Limited Edition Novitec Aventador SVJ in 8 Vibrant Colors

Ivy Model, who is known for creating fine detailed scale models that most other manufactures have missed. My favourite is the Whitest White Lexus LFA in 1:18 scale. Ivy Model makes resin model in very limited numbers so most of the models are sold even before the model hits the stores. Their recent announcement is Novitec Aventador SVJ in 1:18 scale, they also published some moulding samples to retailers. We got some more updates on colors, price and even the estimated delivery timelines etc. read on if you are interested.

Ivy Merit 1:18 Novitec Aventador SVJ

This Ivy Model Novitec Aventador SVJ is highly detailed and takes the sealed resin form as other Ivy Model. But the details will surpass the other options that we already have in market… And this being a Novitec, this Aventador SVJ gets some performance parts that needs attention and we are sure Ivy Model will do their best to give us one model that is super cool even when parked in a display case. As of now, we are in early stages of development so we dropped in the real Novitec Aventador SVJ in my favourite colour (Verde Alcheo) for you to drool at till the real scale model drops by.

Novitec Aventador SVJ

Though these custom Aventador SVJ are produced in limited number (99 pieces for every colour) by Ivy Model, we are getting 8 vibrant colors (Verde Alcheo, Nimbus Grey, Candy Red, Alfrancio Atlas, Miami Blue, Nero Nemesis Matte, Viola Pasifae, Candy Red With Golden Wheels), which gives us some option. There are some retailers accepting pre-order at price point of around $350, which you should do if you want one of these as they are selling out fast. This Novitec Aventador SVJ should hit store by Q4 this year right in time for Christmas. Stay tuned for more news and updates from scale model world… Till next time, Ciao.

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