Jada to Introduce NextLevel Fast & Furious 1:18 scale Cars with Lights and Figure

Jada Toys is one of the Diecast manufacturer who make some quality 1:18 scale diecast car carrying “Fast and Furious” license place! There has not been much 1:18 releases from Jada lately but all that is about to change with its NextLevel release… Here goes the FnF lot, Toyota Supra, WMotors Lykan Hypersport and Nissan GT-R R35 all with working lights and matching figures to complement the cars.

Jada NextLevel 1:18 Brian's Toyota Supra with Figure

There are three Fast and Furious cars on this initial line up of NextLevel and my favourite is the Brian’s Toyota Supra in 1:18 scale and this is my favourite because of the fact that it is the brightest of the lot! this also comes with Brian figurine with the most casual pose of all time! This Toyota Supra also gets a replaceable hard top, which is super cool! Also this is only car of the lot gets underbody lights, which literally is forcing me to get it!

Jada 1:18 Dom WMotors Lykan Hypersport with Figure

This WMotors Lykan Hypersport is actually a cool car in movie accurate paint finish (my Lykan Hypersport in 1:18 unboxing post here) and addition of Dom figure is definitely new. I like this Dom figure more that other figures from Nextlevel series, in fact this figure is the best (in my opinion) of the three and more life like than the rest. So as the other car this Lykan Hypersport also gets working lights, which lights up the head and tail lamps nicely.

Jada 1:18 Brian's Nissan GTR R35 with Figure

I actually have one Nissan GT-R R35 (unboxing post here of my 1:18 Jada GTR) released way back in 2017, which is a very sweet ride and matches the quite well with my Brian figure by Figure Union (unboxing here) and this new NextLevel Brian’s Nissan GT-R R35 in 1:18 scale a lovely surprise from Jada! The GT-R R35 is a lovely car and addition of lightup feature should elevate the desirability quotient further more… For me the figure is a bit of make it or break it feature as the figure don’t look very realistic as I expected but a great addition none the less. All these FnF cars are out for grabs and are priced at 60USD at this point in time and available at Jada’s NextLevel site. Go grab them when stocks last… Till next time, Ciao.

Source/Pics: jadanextlevel.com

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