Jada Toys to Release 2022 Batmobile with Figure in 1:18 scale Now Available for Pre-Order

DC’s next big Batman movie “The Batman” is all set to hit cinemas this march and fan from all around the world is already lining up to this big showdown. The same scene can be seen in diecast/scale model world as well and Jada Toys is creating that excitement using the movie release as its pivot point. Yes Jada’s Batmobile in 1:18 scale is all ready and they are teasing us collectors with videos and phots for some time now…

Jada Toys Batmobile - Front View

Few days back Jada Toys dropped a big news in their Facebook Page and opened pre-order for this beautiful Batmobile with figure and got me by storm. Since then Jada is pouring pics and videos every now and then to disturb my late night sleep and collectors like me. The share photos looks super cool and probing me to click that pre-order button here.

Jada Toys Batmobile - Profile View

This Batmobile comes with light-up feature and looks pretty hot in the released photos and the kudos to the photographer, who did an awesome job capturing the deep details also enhancing the light-up features. The night theme used in these photos kind of enhances car theme.

Jada Toys Batmobile with Figure

This 1:18 scale Batmobile comes with a 3.75inch figure that goes very well and complements this beast that Batman drives around in the movie. The lights kind of lights up the rear and enhances the engine and its details. The rear end view is the best as per view as it has maximum details to talk about.

Jada Toys Batmobile - Rear View

This Batmobile in 1:18 scale also gets opening doors to reveal interiors and the hood can be pooped to enjoy the details underneath. This Batmobile for sure is going to be a super hit and pre-order ticker is already going viral so if you want this in your display by the time the movie hits the screens, then its better to preorder (click here), which stands at $60 + shipping. I feel the price of this model is justified but I will wait for the movie to hit the screen and make my decision on this beauty… How about you? Till next time… Ciao!

Source/Pics: jadanextlevel.com, www.facebook.com/JadaToys/

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